Chemistry & Physics

A Text Book of Organic Molecules and Chemical Bonding
Author: Dr. Mohsen Younus
ISBN: 978-93-84144-40-1
Pages: 130
Price: INR Rs. 500 US$ 25

Ancillary Chemistry (For B.Sc. Physics Botany Zoology Food Science and Nutrition Textiles and Apparel Designing)
Author: Dr. J. Thamarai Selvi
ISBN: 978-81-924218-5-8
Pages: 180
Price: INR Rs. 500 US$ 25

Conference on Recent Trends of Research in Physics (CRTRP)
Edited by: Dr. Anirban Guha
Edition : 2012
Pages: 177
ISBN: 978-81-904362-9-8
Price INR: Rs. 500 Outside India US$ 25

Nickel Titanate: Synthesis Characterization Properties and Applications
Author: Dr. K. S. Beenakumari
ISBN: 978-93-84144-52-4
Pages: 36
Price INR: Rs. 500 US$ 25

The Fundamental of Physics Volume 1
Prof. PareshModh
ISBN: 978-93-84144-29-6
Pages: 148
Price INR: Rs. 500 US$ 25