International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Vol.7 No.7 (2014)




Loss of Field Protection of Synchronous Generator Using SVM
pp. 649-656
Authors: Khalid Aziz, M. Tripathy and R. P. Maheshwari

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Misplaced Objects
pp. 657-662
Authors: Madhura J Bonde and Kantilal P Rane

DWT Thresholding Techniques for Denoising of Images: A Review
pp. 663-668
Authors: Manika Chhabra and Sarita Bajaj

A Hybrid Approach and Implementation of a New Encryption Algorithm for Data Security in Cloud Computing
pp. 669-675
Authors:Md Asif Mushtaque, Harsh Dhiman and Shahnawaz Hussain

Fuzzy Logic Based SVPWM Technique for MRAS Controlled Induction Motor Drive
pp. 677-683
Authors: Mohammad Haseeb Khan and Arshia Azam

Transformer Differential Protection Based on Wavelet and Neural Network
pp. 685-695
Authors: Manoj Tripathy, Rudra Prakash Maheshwari and Neha Nirala

Analyzing Driver Behavior using Smartphone Sensors: A Survey
pp. 697-702
Authors: Nidhi Kalra and Divya Bansal

DSPIC based Low Cost and Efficient Digitized Feedback Loop for DC-DC Converter
pp. 703-708
Authors: Nisha S. Singh and C. S. Khandelwal

Performance of Three Phase Gas Insulated Substation Using SF6/KR, SF6/N2, SF6/AIR Gas Mixtures under Particle Contamination
pp. 709-715
Authors: P Srinath Rajesh and J Amarnath 

Literature Analysis on Malware Detection
pp. 717-722
Authors: Parmjit Kaur and Sumit Sharma

Brief Review Paper on the Custom Power Devices for Power Quality Improvement
pp. 723-733
Authors: Prafull A. Desale, Vishvadeep J. Dhawale and Ranjeet M. Bandgar

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of PV Penal
pp. 735-742
Authors: Ravikumar R Patel and Tapan A Trivedi

Malicious Attacks and Routing Protocols in MANET: A Survey
pp. 743-748
Authors: Ritika and Malkeet Singh 

IGBT Based LCL Resonant Converter for Medium Frequency Induction Melting and Heating Application
pp. 749-755
Authors: Swapnil Agrawal, Shri P.N. Kapil and B.G. Shah

Blocking the Distance Relay 3rd Zone Operation during Power Swings by DTLR Enhancement in MATLAB/Simulink
pp. 757-765
Authors: Vishvadeep J.Dhawale, Vishal Dake and Prafulla A.Desale












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