Global Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (GJMB)

Volume 3, Number 1 (2015)






Danger blooms have Maximized by Human Activities Worldwide

pp. 1-2

Sanju Jainth , Anjali Sharma and Meera Gupta


Optimization of carbon source and incubation conditions for biological treatment of Aniline Blue using Aspergillus awamori (MTCC-548)

pp. 3-8

Sukhvinder Singh Purewal and Amandeep Singh Thind


Presumptive Identification Of Clinically Important Candida Sps From Oral Infections Of Diabetic Patients

pp. 9-20

L.Rathna Silviya


Studies On The Physico-Chemical Parameters And Planktonic Diversity Of Vaduvoor Lake At Tiruvarur District 
pp. 21-26 
Anbuselvi V and Rajendran K.


Survival Studies of Bacterial Pathogens and Their Immunization Effect on Infectious Cat Fish (Clarias Batrachus) in Glass Aquaria
pp. 27-34
Y.G. Bodhe and V.S.Wadhai


A Comparative Study on Dengue Knowledge and Preventive Practices between Pre-University and University Military Students
pp. 35-44
Lugova H., Mohammad Wisman A.H., Feizal Knight V., Aye A.M