International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)


Volume 4, Number 4 (2011)




Theoretical Analysis of Linear Active Circular Antenna Array for Beam Steering
Authors: Amar Sharma, V.K. Pandey and Binod K. Kanaujia

Analysis of Circular Stacked Microstrip Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement
Authors: Amar Sharma, V.K. Pandey and Binod K. Kanaujia

A Fast Method of Contrast Enhancement using Histogram Equalization
Authors:Tarun Dewangan

CAN Bus Implementation in an Embedded System for a Dairy Plant
Authors: M.V. Gavade and S.B. Patil


Performance Measurement of TCP/IP Header Compression
Authors: Sakti Debbarma


A New Approach for Discrimination between Inrush Current and Internal Faults in Power Transformers
Authors: J.P. Patra


Dynamic Analysis for Direction of Arrival Estimation and Adaptive Beamforming for Smart Antenna
Authors: D.D. Khumane, A.N. Jadhav and S.D. Bhosale


A Novel VLSI Architecture for Digital Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform and Quantization
pp. 425-442
Authors: Dr. Anubhuti Khare, Manish Saxena and Shweta Tiwari


Multirate Signal Processing: Graphical Representation & Comparison of Decimation & Interpolation Identities using MATLAB
Authors: A.K. Maurya and Dr. Deepak Nagaria


A Modified Approach to Calculate the Path Loss in Urban Area
Authors: Purnima K. Sharma and R.K. Singh


The Concept of Radio Telescope Receiver Design
Authors: Engr Lanre O. Daniyan 



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