International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.


Volume 3, Number 1-2 (2010)  





Electromagnetic Modeling of the Human Eye for Wireless Environment
pp. 1-9
Authors: Dhara Patel, Ved Vyas Dwivedi and Y.P. Kosta

An Efficient Solid State Circuit Breaker for Low Voltage Circuit Protection
pp. 11-16
Authors: G.R. Padmini, M. Satyam and K. Lalkishore

Secure Communication using Chaotic Synchronization of PLL
pp. 17-22
Authors: D. Chattopadhyay and M. K. Mandal

Axial and Radial Movement of Metallic Particles in Common Enclosure Three Phase Gas Insulated Busduct
pp. 23-32
Authors: L. Raja Sekhar Goud1, D. Subbarayudu and J. Amarnath

Metallic Particle Motion in A Single Phase Gas Insulated Busduct Under the Influence of Power Frequency Voltages
pp. 33-42
Authors: L. Rajasekhar Goud, D. Subbarayudu1 and J. Amarnath

A Novel Solid State Controller for Improving Power Quality of Critical Remote Loads
pp. 43-51
Authors: Ambarnath Banerji, Sujit Kumar Biswas and Ayan Banerji

Vector Control of Induction Motor using Sophisticated Look-up Table
pp. 53-65
Authors: M. Siva Satyanarayana, D. Subba Rayudu and T. Brahmananda Reddy

Estimation of Effective Dielectric Constant of a Rectangular Microstrip Antenna using ANN
pp. 67-73
Authors: Vandana Vikas Thakare, Saurabh Gupta and Pramod Singhal

Noise Reduction using Adaptive Filter Design with Power Optimization for DSP Applications
pp. 75-81
Authors: G. Indumathi, Tulika Ghosh, Sandhya and Shruthi

Design of Reduced Rule Multi Input Single Output Fuzzy Controller
pp. 83-92
Authors: Arshia Azam, J. Amarnath and Ch. D.V. Paradesi Rao



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