International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.


Volume 3, Number 3 (2010)  





Spread of Harmonics in Power Systems
pp. 93-101
Authors: Venugopal N., Gurumurthy G.R. and Sujatha Subhash

Electrolytic Memcapacitive Device
pp. 103-118
Authors: Jyoti Gupta, Dr. Shiv P. Kosta, Dr. P. Mor and Mukta Bhatele

Modeling Propagation in Optical Fiber using Split-Step Wavelet in Linear Media
pp. 119-124
Authors: Chakresh kumar, Devendra chack, Sandeep kumar and Chandra Shekhar

3D Integration-Opportunities and Challenges
pp. 125-131
Authors: Hitesh Kumar, Sunita Singh and Chakresh Kumar

Eye Blinking Monitoring System for Vehicle Accident Prevention 
pp. 133-138
Authors: Jayamala K. Patil and Lego G. Mathew

VLSI Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms on FPGA
pp. 139-145
Authors: Varsha S. Surwase and S.N. Pawar

A New Evolutionary Algorithm based BDD Optimization for Area and Power
pp. 147-160
Authors: Anirban Dutta, K.L. Baishnab and Saurabh Chaudhary

Location of Unsymmetrical Faults in Power Transmission System Using the Versatile Method of Symmetrical Components
pp. 161-169
Authors: Surendar Kumar Yellagoud, Sreenivas Reddy Mula, T. Purnachandra Rao and A V R S Sarma

Internal Model Control Strategy based Cascaded 5 Level Inverter Type Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement
pp. 171-181
Authors: S.N.V. Ganesh, K. Ramesh Reddy and B.V. Sanker Ram



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