International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

Volume 4, Number 1 (2011)  




Bio-Adsorption of Hg (II) ions from Waste Water using Coconut Coir
pp. 1-8
Authors: Yogendra Yadav, Mohammed Pakhmore, Mohamed Arsalaan, and S.J. Purohit

Cost Effective Catalytic Converter for Diesel Engine after Treatment
pp. 9-20
Authors: P.V. Walke and N.V. Deshpande

An Experimental Investigation of Properties of Crushed over Burnt Brick Aggregate Concrete
pp. 21-30
Authors: Emili Bhattacharjee, Debjani Nag, Partha P. Sarkar and Lipika Haldar

A Review on Harmonic Elimination Techniques
pp. 31-35
Authors: Sandeep V. Rode and Siddharth A. Ladhake

Cooling Load Reduction using Roof Passive Cooling Techniques in Buildings
pp. 37-45
Authors: Shrikant Pandey, D.A. Hindoliya and Ritu Pandey

Experimental Studies on Determination of Discharge Coefficient for Flow over Trapezoidal Labyrinth Weir
pp. 47-54
Authors: B.V. Khode, A.R. Tembhurkar, P.D. Porey and R.N. Ingle

Optimization of Burnishing Process Parameters for Improved Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium and Mild Steel
pp. 55-66
Authors: R. Murali Krishna, T.V. Subba Reddy, Eshwara Prasad Koorapati and N. Ravindra Reddy

Modeling and Analysis of Rectangular Fin Heat Sinks under Natural Convection for Electronic Cooling
pp. 67-74
Authors: Padmakar A. Deshmukh, Kamlesh A. Sorate and Ravi Warkhedkar

Analysis of Channel Conditions based on Bandwidth and Fairness of 802.16 WiMAX Networks
pp. 75-88
Authors: A. Maheswara Rao, S. Varadarajan, M.N. Giriprasad and V.V. Sunil Kumar

Ultrasonic Inspection for Wall Thickness Measurement at Thermal Power Stations
pp. 89-107
Authors: S. Bhowmick

Correlation of Acoustic Emission Parameters with Surface Roughness for On-line Monitoring in CIM Environment
pp. 109-118
Authors: T. Suryasekhara Reddy and C. Eswara Reddy

Exergy Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Plant and Effect of Operating Variables on Exergy
pp. 119-130
Authors: Bijendra Singh, K.P. Tyagi, Kishor Patil and Arvind Kumar



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