International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 5, Number 3 (2012)  




Voltage Multiplier Cells based Boost Converters Applied to Renewable Energy Systems for Small Power Applications and Energy Storage

pp. 219-231
Authors: P. Mangaiyarkarasi and B. Ramesh Kumar


Modeling of Economical & Efficient use of Vehicles through e-Control for Construction of a Highway
pp. 233-240
Authors: Bant Singh, Dr. Srijit Biswas and Dr. Parveen Aggarwal

Review of Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques
pp. 241-249
Authors: A.N. Mahure and V.M. Kriplani

A Conceptual Design of Collapsible wind Friction Reduction Attachments to Truck for Better Fuel Economy
pp. 251-259
Authors: D. Krishna Mohan Raju and Dr. G. Jayachandra Reddy


TQM: A Driving Force to Face Challenges in Technical Education
pp. 261-269
Authors: Veeranna D.K. and Dr. Anand K. Joshi


Energy Efficient Multiproduct Cold Storage System Design
pp. 271-281
Authors: Munindra S. Matey, Gulshan Kumar, Dipak R. Thengri and Roushan Kumar


Sediment Shape Characterization of Sand Particles using Digital Image Processing
pp. 283-290
Authors: Laxman Poudel, Bhola Thapa, Bim Prasad Shrestha and Nabin Kumar Shrestha


Comparative Studies of Paraffin Oxidation in Different Reactors
pp. 291-301
Authors: S.J. Purohit, Dr. Milind Pradhan, Mohnish K. Hasrajani, Abhimanyu Deshpande and Chandrashekar Sundaresan


Studies on Combustion Characteristics of Poultry Litter using Thermogravimetric Analysis
pp. 303-309
Author: V. Kirubakaran


Heat Transfer Enhancement in Rectangular Duct with Z-Shaped Ribs
pp. 311-322
Authors: A.N. Mahure and V.M. Kriplani

Significance of Process and Technology lab in Engineering Education
pp. 323-327
Authors: Dr. P. Arun Kumar and A.V.N.S. Sharma

Temperature Prediction in Ambient Atmosphere using Fuzzy Logic for Inland Cities in India
pp. 329-337
Authors: Dipi A. Patel and Dr. Robin A. Christian

On Common Fixed Point of Nonself I-Nonexpansive Mappings for Noor Iteration in Banach Space
pp. 339-350
Authors: Nithin J Sebastian and Dr. Anasraj R


Study and Modeling of a Photovoltaic Cell (PV) with Matlab
pp. 351-361
Authors: D. Mida and D. Benattous


Experimental Studies of Performance and Emission Testing on Diesel Engine by using Mahua Oil and its Blends
pp. 363-374
Authors: Mahesh R Reddy, Srinivas V Valmiki and M. C. Navindgi



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