International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology (IJIET)

Volume 3, Number 3 (2011)


Remanufacturing in India: Approaches, Potentials & Technical challenges
Authors: Nita Choudhary and Niranjan Kumar Singh


Harmonious Song-List Generation: An Application of the Sequence Dependent Machine Set Up Time Problem Model
Authors: V.O. Oladokun, O.E. Charles-Owaba and T.M.C. Nzeribe


Remanufacturing in India: Approaches, Potentials & Technical challenges
Authors: Niranjan Kumar Singh and Nita Choudhary


Recognition of the Scattering Sources in Ultrasonic Scattering CT Imaging based on Virtual Phased Array
Authors:HAO Lihua1, WANG Yongtian and SONG Wenai


Induction Furnace: Study of Present Practices andScope for Optimization
Authors: Vivek R. Gandhewar and Satish V. Bansod


Construction of Group Acceptance Sampling Plan using Log-Logistic Distribution and Weighted Binomial Distribution
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan and K. Alagirisamy


Analysis of Theory of Constraints for Job Priority in Manufacturing: A Fuzzy Logic based Approach
Authors:Bharat Chede, C.K. Jain, S.K. Jain and Aparna Chede


Adsorption Properties of Crosslinked Mesoporous (Styrene-Maleic Acid)-Zn (II) Complexes.
Authors: Renuka Gonte, Balasubramanian K. and Pramil C. Deb


Selection of Product Designs using Data Envelopment Analysis
Authors: Vijaya Babu Vommi


Frame Work for Global Logistics Strategy for Information in India through Resources Based View and Industry Notebook Case
Authors: Mohammad Israr and Anshul Gangele


Analysis of Industrial Benchmarking in Small and Medium Sizes Enterprises through Project Management Perspective
Authors: Mohammad Israr and Anshul Gangele


Optimization of Spare’s Inventory for Effective Logistic Support: A Marginal Utility Analysis Based Model
Authors: Anshul Gangele and Sanjay Bhatele




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