International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology (IJIET)

Volume 4, Number 1 (2012)



Process Planning in Responsive Manufacturing System
Authors:Pardeep Sharma and Gulshan Chauhan 


Increase in Production Rate by using DMAIC Approach
Authors: Pardeep Sharma


A Multi-Criterion Heuristic Optimization for Demand Allocation and Transportation Problems using GA and AHP
Authors: D.K. Shaw and D.A. Khan


Selection of Mixed Sampling Plan with Double Sampling Plan as Attribute Plan using Intervened Random Effect Poisson Distribution Indexed through MAPD and IQL
Authors: R. Sampath Kumar, R. Vijaya Kumar and R. Radhakrishnan


Efficient and Effective Utilization of Manufacturing Flexibility by Using Flexibility Model
Authors: Pardeep Sharma and Naveen Kumar


Heat Transfer Analysis of Oil Cooler Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger using CFD
Authors: Devendra A. Patel Milap M. Madhikar,Kunal A. Chaudhari and Nirav B. Rathod


Immobilized Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dyes with Poly Vinyl Acetate as a Binder
pp. 47-59
Authors: O.K. Mahadwad, P.A. Parikh, R.V. Jasra and C. Patil

Review of Work done in the Field of Commercial Application of High Temperature Fuel Cells (MCFCs) in Stationary Power Generation.
Authors: S.K. Dhakad, Dr. S.C. Soni, Dr. Pankaj Agrawal, Dr. Prashant Baredaer and Dr. Sanjay Katarey

Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression Modelling of Work Stress in Chemical Industries in Kerala State of India
pp. 69-78
Authors: K. Satheesh Kumar and Dr. G. Madhu



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