International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology (IJIET)

Volume 4, Number 2 (2012)



Additive Manufacturing and its Impact on Supply Chains
pp. 79-82
Author: Sukaran Chawla

Modelling and Simulation of Field Data Based Model: A Philosophy
pp. 83-93
Authors: O.S. Bihade, J.P. Modak and K.S. Zakiuddin

Development & Characterization of an Electrode Deposition Procedure for Crack Free Hardfacing of Low Carbon Steel
pp. 95-106
Authors: S. Sathishkumar, Dr. A.V. Suresh, Dr. M. Krishna, V.T. Banukiran and M. Nagamadhu

Heuristic Approaches to Solve the Assembly Line Balancing Problem Augmented by Expert System
pp. 107-118
Authors: Ashish Manoria, Piyush Nema and Dr. Lokesh Bajpai

Simulation Data Management: Turning Pain into Productivity
pp. 119-130
Authors: Rajeev Mohan Kukreja, Dr. S.K. Sharma and Dr. Ranjit Singh

Selection of Mixed Sampling Plan with Csp-2(k=i) Plan AS Attribute Plan Indexed through MAPD and MAAOQ
pp. 131-136
Authors: R. Sampath Kumar, S. Sumithra and R. Radhakrishnan

A Review of Process Optimization by using Taguchi Method
pp. 149-155
Authors: Ajay Mishra and Dr. Anshul Gangele

Selection of Mixed Sampling Plan With TNT: (n;c1,c2) Plan As Attribute Plan Indexed Through MAPD and IQL
pp. 157-165
Authors: R. Sampath Kumar, M.Indra and R. Radhakrishnan




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