International Journal of Materials Physics(IJMP)


Volume 3, Number 2, (2012)   




Scaling of Beaded GaN with Pressure in Self-Catalyzed Anisotropic Growth Technique
pp. 51-60
Authors: Prasana Sahoo, Avinash Patsha, S. Dhara, S. Dash, M. Kamruddin, R. Pandian, and A. K. Tyagi


Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Al 2024 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 61-67
Authors: Chandrasekhar.T.S, Prabhakar Kammar, Dr.H.K.Shivanand, Santhosh Kumar.S and Mallikarjuna.B.E


Patient Dosimetry using Borate Glass Phosphor during External Radiotherapy of Cancer Patient

pp. 69-74

Authors: S. Nabadwip Singh, B. Arunkumar Sharma and Bliss Haubiakching



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