International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (IJMT)

Volume 1, Number 1-2  (2010)


Development of Mathematical Correlation for the Transesterification Reaction
pp. 1-11
Authors: Lalit B. Bhuyar, Shashank B. Thakre and Samir J. Deshmukh

Analysis of Costs and Choice on Retaining Structures: Land, Curtain Wall and Slope
pp. 13-33
Authors: Boualem El Kechebour and Ammar Nechnech

ANN Based Internal Fault Diagnosis of HVDC Converter Transformer
pp. 35-44
Authors: Pannala Krishna Murthy, J. Amarnath, B.P. Singh and S. Kamakshaiah

Simple Diversity Scheme for IDMA Communication System
pp. 45-51
Authors: M. Shukla, Aasheesh Shukla, Rohit Kumar, V.K. Srivastava and S. Tiwari

Experimental Investigation of Woody Biomass in A Double Walled Downdraft Gasifier for Energy Applications
pp. 53-70
Authors: Z. Robert Kennedy and T.P. Lukose

Application of Neural Network Structure in Voltage Vector Selection of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor
pp. 71-80
Authors: A. Sivasubramanian and B. Jayanand

Availability Analysis of Cattle Feed Plant Using Matlab-Tool
pp. 81-88
Authors: Deepika Garg and Kuldeep Kumar

Control Of Induction Motor Drive Without Shaft Encoder Using Model Referencing Adaptive System And To Avoid Torque Jerks In Transition At Starting
pp. 89-97
Authors: Mohammad Haseeb Khan and J. Amarnath




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