Journal of Computer Science and Applications (JCSA)




Volume 3, Number 2 (2011)




WISP: Computational Feasibility of UHF RFID Tags using RC5 Algorithm
pp. 85-89
Authors: Anusha Linda Kostka

Data Security-Text based Digital Steganography
pp. 91-98
Author: B. Vinod

Fuzzy Knowledge Acquisition from Text Documents through Ontology-Guided Text Mining
pp. 99-106
Authors: Muhammad Abulaish

Comprehensive Study on Image Transformation Basing on Mathematical Morphology
pp. 107-113
Authors: B.L.N. Phaneendra, D. Madhavi, Ch. Srividya and T.L. Surekha

A Small Report on Network Security with Respective Firewall
pp. 115-122
Authors: V. Anantha Krishna and T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire

A Survey on Distributed Page Ranking
pp. 123-130
Authors: Manju Patel and Shweta Modi





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