International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJECE)

Volume 6, Number 3 (2013) 




A Systematic Literature Review on Efficient and Reliable Broadcast in Vehicular Networks

pp. 199-204

Authors: Maheswari R. and Dr. T.V.U. Kiran Kumar


Literature Review on Characteristic Analysis of Efficient and Reliable Broadcast in Vehicular Networks

pp. 205-210

Authors: V. Velmurugan and J. Martin Leo Manickam


Technology Advances Beyond CMOS
pp. 211-216
Authors: Aswini N

A Survey on Hybrid Image Compression Techniques for Video Transmission
pp. 217-224
Authors: Reny Catherin L., Thirupurasunthari P., Sherley Arcksily Sylvia A., Sravani Kumari G., Joany R.M. and N.M. Nandhitha

Impact of l - optimization parameters and phase margin on closed loop gain of phase-locked loop
pp. 225-231
Authors: K. Kalita , T. Bezboruah


Design and Implimentation of Slotted Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Application

pp. 233-239
Authors: Chandrappa D.N., Mrs.Vani R.M. and P.V. Hunagund

Improving the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Nodes Batteries by using SEMD (Single Energy Multi Data) and MEMD (Multi Energy Multi Data) Transmission Modes
pp. 241-250
Authors: Aarti Sharma and Dr. B.K. Sharma

An Efficient Method for Facial Expression Recognition : A SMOM ESTM Model : A Review
pp. 251-258
Authors: Miss. Shweta Wakchaure and Mr. Vilas Ubale

Traffic Congestion Detection for Highways Using Wireless Sensors
pp. 259-265
Authors: Prof M. H. Gholve and Prof S.Chougule


Palm-Vein Image Recognition of Human Using Discrete Enhancement
pp. 267-275
Authors: Saravanan.A and Dr.A.Sivabalan



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