International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Volume 4, Number 1 (2011)  




Control of High Power Factor Boost Rectifier Based on Variable Structure Theory
pp. 1-12
Authors: K. Ramalingeswara Prasad, Kranti Kiran. Ankam and P. Deepak Reddy

A Novel Approach for Implementing MPEG-4 Technology for Set Top Boxes
pp. 13-22
Authors: Seema Wakle and R.N. Moghe

Mathematical and Simulation Model of an SPWM Inverter
pp. 23-32
Authors: T.B. Mohite Patil, S.R. Sawant, R.H. Chile and T.T. Mohite Patil

A Review On Single CFA Based Multifunctional Network For Analog Signal Processing
pp. 33-42
Authors: Indu Prabha Singh and Kalyan Singh

T-slot Broadband Rectangular Patch Antenna
pp. 43-47
Authors: L. Lolit Kumar Singh, Bhaskar Gupta and Partha P. Sarkar


Reconfiguration with Prioritize Lightpath Requests in WDM Optical Network
Authors:Manish Shrivastava and Aditya Goel


Analysis of EMI Effects on 555 Timer
Authors:Mandeep Kaur, Shikha Kakkar and Danvir Mandal


Smith Chart and its Applications
Authors:Arun Kumar Tiwari


Monitoring & Diagnosis of Induction Motor for Stator Voltage Unbalance
Authors:Anjali U. Jawadekar, Shilpa V. Deshmukh, G.M. Dhole,
Sudhir Paraskar and Mirza Ansar Beg


Design and Development of Virtual Instrumentation based PID Control of Bar & Ball System
Authors:Pardeep Mittal and Alka Nigam


Planar Inverted – L (PIL) Patch Antenna for Mobile Communication
Authors:G.A. Bidkar, P.V. Hunagund, R.M. Vani, S.N. Mulgi
and P.M. Hadalgi


Alleviation of Line Congestion using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors:Sawan Sen, S. Sengupta and A. Chakrabarti



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