International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Volume 5, Number 2 (2012)  




Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Network Monitoring and Management Tool in Internet and Intranet
pp. 83-89
Authors: Prof. Sasikumar Gurumurthy, A. Valarmozhi and M. Priya

A Spectral based Approach to Power Flow Controlling and Quality Monitoring in IEEE
Electrical Bus System

pp. 91-111
Authors: Uppari Srinivasulu, Dr. Sirobhusana Kesavan and B.V. Sanker Ram

Hybrid Active Filter Based on SVPWM for Power Conditioning using Matlab/Simulink Toolbox Environments
pp. 113-133
Authors: Naresh Kumar and Prabhat Kumar

MATLAB Simulation of Single-Phase SCR Controller for Single Phase Induction Motor.
pp. 135-142
Authors: O. Oladepo and G.A. Adegboyega


Design of Integral Controller for Automatic Generation Control in Deregulated Environment
pp. 143-154
Authors: Kalyan Chatterjee and T.Ghose

Fuzzy Based Decision System for Gate Limiter of Hydro Power Plant

pp. 157-166
Authors: Nanaware R.A., Dr. S.R. Sawant and Dr. B.T. Jadhav

STATCOM Based Power Quality Improvement in Non-linear Networks
pp. 167-172

Authors: B. Ashok Kumar, N. Kamaraj and R. Swaminathan



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