International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)

Volume 7, Number 1 (2014)





3-Phase Power Measurement using MEMS for Smart Grid Energy Meters

pp. 1-9

Authors: Miss S.R.Warale, Bansode B. B and Prof Vijaykumar Joshi


Solving Environmental Economic Dispatch Problem with Lagrangian Relaxation Method

pp. 9-20

Authors: S.P. Shalini and K. Lakshmi


Microprocessor based Time Switch

pp. 21-26

Authors: Dr. O. P. Garg and Dr. D. K. Kaushik


Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources with Power-Quality Improvement
pp. 27-34

Genetic Algorithm approach for Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor
pp. 49-58
G. Srinivas and Dr.S. Tarakalyani

Fault Location Identification Using Wavelet Transform and WMM Technique
pp. 59-69
Authors: Ankamma Rao J, Srinivas S.T.P and Dr. B. Venkata Prasanth


Conception and Evolution of Spamming
pp. 71-82
Authors: Preeti Choudhary and Dr. Meenu Dave


Reduction of Iron Losses in a Transformer using Embeded Core
pp. 83-92
Authors: Mr Zahoor Ahmad Ganie and Mr Rayees Ahmad Lone






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