International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)

Volume 7, Number 2 (2014)





Simulation of Acquisition behavior of Second-order Analog Phase-locked Loop using Phase Error Process
pp. 93-106
Authors: N. Haque, P.K. Boruah and T. Bezboruah

Intelligent Power Saver Alarm Clock with Digital Thermometer
pp. 107-112
Authors: Kevin Johny Joseph, Helena Babu and Jithin Jose K 


Analysis of Effect of Throttle Shaft on a Fuel Injection System for ICES
pp. 113-120
Author: Er. Shivanshu Shrivastava


Communication System for Speech Impaired Person
pp. 121-124
Author: Vijayshan Singh Kushwaha

Rotation Invariant Image Registration using Robust Shape Matching
pp. 125-132
Authors: M.D. Divate and S.R. Baji

Minimization of Low Frequency Oscillatios in the Power System Using PSS and UPFC

pp. 133-142

V.Y. Kondaiah1 and B. Mouli Chandra








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