International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

Volume 11, Number 5 (2018)




Simulation-based Effectiveness Analysis of Mission Planning for Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)
pp. 715-724
Jung Ho Kim, Jung Hoon Kim, Yong Jun You and Sung Do Chi

A Taxonomy of Lean Six Sigma and Agile Methodologies used in Software Development
pp. 725-753
Safia Badwe and Turan Erman Erkan

An experimental Study of an Improved Active Frequency Drift Anti-Islanding Method for PV Application
pp. 755-762
Byunggyu Yu

Maximum Power Point Tracking Performance Evaluation of PV micro-inverter under Static and Dynamic Conditions
pp. 763-770
Byunggyu Yu

An Interactive Review of Object Motion Detection, Classification and Tracking Algorithms Related to Video Analysis in Computer Vision
pp. 771-789
Hussam Saleh Abu Karaki and Saleh Ali Alomari

Effect of Rotation on Thermal Stability of Superposed Fluid and Porous Layer
pp. 791-804
S.Aiswarya, T.Arunachalam and K. Sumathi

Design of a 2GHz Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Application using Cross-Shaped Patch Aperture
pp. 805-818
Roger D. Kemtchang, Dominic B.O Konditi and Elijah Mwangi

Fault Identification Method Applied to Full-Bridge Submodule of MMC
pp. 819-825
Konstantin Koshelev, Alexander Matinyan, Maxim Peshkov, Viktor Karpov and Nikita Alekseev

Emission Constrained Economic Dispatch Using Moth Flame Optimization and Bat Hybrid Algorithm
pp. 827-843
Wilbert Ruta, Michael Saulo and Nicodemus Abungu Odero