International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 13, Number 11 (2020)




ACO-Based Power Allocation for Throughput Maximization in the Downlink 5G NOMA Systems
pp. 3072-3079
Osama Abuajwa, Chee Keong Tan, Yin Hoe Ng and Ching Kwang Lee

Sustainability: The Big Challenge
pp. 3080-3098
Jerusha Joseph and Freddie L. Inambao

The Effect of Synthesis Temperature on Carbon Nanospheres from Palm Kernel Fiber
pp. 3099-3108
Oluwafemi E. Ige, Freddie L. Inambao and Gloria A. Adewumi

Perceptions of Solar Desalination in South Africa
pp. 3109-3124
Devesh Singh and Freddie L. Inambao

Prediction of the Impact of Tower Shading on Resource Parameters and Performance by Using LiDAR
pp. 3125-3144
Maduako E. Okorie and Freddie Inambao

A Genetic Algorithm Integrated Approach for Efficient Relay Nodes Placement
pp. 3145-3155
Sardar Anisul Haque, Mohammed Alreshoodi, Bader Alshaqqawi, Ibrahim Alsukayti and Khalid Alsatami

Automatic Bell Pepper Colour Detector and Sorting Machine
pp. 3156-3166
Gophela Seiphepi, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Jwaone Gaboitaolelwe, Caspar Lebekwe and Bokani Mtengi

Design and Simulation of an Automated Motion Sensing Sprinkler System
pp. 3167-3177
Masa Thema, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Jwaone Gaboitaolelwe, Bokani Mtengi and Caspar Lebekwe

Minimizing Heat Loss Rate in Kaolin Thermal Insulation Layer in the Range of 800 to 1000 0C
pp. 3178-3188
Ogunrinola Iyanuoluwa Enoch, Akinyemi Marvel Lola, Ndubuisi Amanda, Boyo Henry, Emetere Moses, Inegbenebor Anthony, and Aizebeokhai Ahzegbobor Philips

Sustainable Home Energy Management of Movement Control Order due to Pandemic Covid-19 by Using 5Core Procedure Method
pp. 3189-3193
Mohamad Fani Sulaima, Nawa Izzati Ahmad Zaki, Musthafah Mohd Tahir, Muhd Muhtazam Noor Din and Zul Hasrizal Bohari

The Effect of Applying Imperial Research on Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) Approach
pp. 3194-3207
Eng-Samah Ahmed Sayed. Prof. Dr Ahmed Aouf and Dr Tamer Abd Elazizi

Application of the Principle of Compressible flow in the Conservation of Energy and performance characteristics of Hydraulic Dampers
pp. 3208-3216
MI Matshaba, PB Sob, TB Tengen and AA Alugongo

Enhanced Constrained Local Models (CLM) for Facial Feature Detection
pp. 3217-3221
Ayah Alsarayreh and Fatma Susilawati Mohamad

Behavior of Precast Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connection by Double Straight Notch Models under Lateral Cyclic Loading
pp. 3222-3229
Ruminsar Simbolon, Herman Parung, Rita Irmawaty and Arwin Amiruddin

A Comprehensive Survey Study on the Characteristics of Virtual Reality Game
pp. 3230-3233
Tian-Yu Yu and Seok-Kyoo Kim

Levelized Cost of Electricity in Colombia under New Fiscal Incentives
pp. 3234-3239
Juan David Saldarriaga-Loaiza, Jesús María López-Lezama and Fernando Villada-Duque

State of Health Monitoring of a Battery Module Using Multilayer Neural Network and Internal Resistance
pp. 3240-3246
Jong-Hyun Lee, Hyun-Sil Kim and In-Soo Lee

Forecasting Prices in Financial Markets Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 3247-3250
Fernando Villada-Duque, Jesús María López-Lezama and Jorge Barrientos-Marín

Losses in the Nigerian Distribution Systems: A review of classification and strategies for mitigation
pp. 3251-3254
Orovwode Hope, Matthew Simeon, Amuta, Elizabeth and Alashiri, Olaitan

Fast and Slow Dynamics in DC/DC Converters with MPPT for Applications in Photovoltaic Systems
pp. 3255-3261
Yesika A. Gutiérrez, José R. Ortiz-Castrillón, Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano, Juan B. Cano-Quintero and Jesús M. López-Lezama

An Interior-Architecture Concept for Fashion-Accessory-Interior: Transforming Space from Body to Transformable Fashion Interior
pp. 3262-3265
Rudy Trisno, Fermanto Lianto and Mieke Choandi

Effect of the Air-Pressure Differences of the Wheelchair Tires on User’s Upper Extremity Muscle Activities and Acceleration Changes
pp. 3266-3271
Se-Yeon Park, Soo-Han Kim and Du-Jin Park

A Methodology for Obtaining the References of Voltages and Currents in Power Electronics Devices
pp. 3272-3277
Nicolás Muñoz Galeano, Jesús María López Lezama and Fernando Villada Duque

Efforts to Improve the Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies Based on Environmental Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Intellectual Capital
pp. 3278-3286
Nursaid, Nurul Qomariah and Eko Budi Satoto

A Study on Comparative Evaluation of Software Reliability Model using Exponential-exponential and Burr-Hatke-exponential Life Distribution
pp. 3287-3291
Hee-Cheul Kim and Song-Chul Moon

Flight Control of a 1-DOF Helicopter System using a Sliding Mode Controller for Disturbance Rejection
pp. 3292-3297
Cuero Jairo, Vargas Javier and Jacinto Edwar

Reuse of Chicken Eggshell Ash and Natural Zeolite Catalyst on Palm Oil Transesterification
pp. 3298-3302
Taslim, Iriany, Mawaddah Nur Tambak, and Okta Bani

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Applied to the Transmission Network Expansion Planning Considering Non-conventional Solution Candidates
pp. 3303-3309
Jaime Andrés López López, Jesús María López Lezama and Nicolás Muñoz Galeano

A Numerical Study about the Flight of the Dragonfly: 2D gliding and 3D hovering regimes
pp. 3310-3320
Lorenzo Benedetti, Giovanni Bianchi, Simone Cinquemani and Marco Belloli

Elucidation of MHD Boundary Layer Flow Past a Plate with Viscous Dissipation
pp. 3321-3327
Bhrigu Kumar Kalita, Rita Choudhury and Paban Dhar

A Saudi Sign Language Recognition System based on Convolutional Neural Networks
pp. 3328-3334
Alaa H Al-Obodi, Ameerh M Al-Hanine, Khalda N Al-Harbi, Maryam S Al-Dawas, and Amal A. Al-Shargabi

Mixing and Reuse of Polymer Laser Sintering Powders to Ensure Homogeneity – A Review
pp. 3335-3341
Fredrick M. Mwania, Maina Maringa and Kobus van der Walt

Powder Characterization for a New Selective Laser Sintering Polypropylene Material (Laser PP CP 60) after Single Print Cycle Degradation
pp. 3342-3358
Fredrick M. Mwania, Maina Maringa and Kobus van der Walt

The Labelling of Genetically Modified Foods in India: Consumer’s Risk Perception, Trust, and Knowledge
pp. 3359-3366
Vyakhaya Bhatia, Sushant Malik, Dharmesh K. Mishra and Dipen Paul

On Screen Display Module
pp. 3367-3371
Esperanza Camargo Casallas, Luis Alberto Jaime Hernández and Cristian Ancizar Bermúdez Bello

Influences of Skill, Knowledge, Attitude, and Morality on Job Achievement
pp. 3372-3376
Heri Sudarmaji, Luthfiyah Nurlaela and Eko Hariadi

A Novel Formulation of Ecosystem Health Index in Urban Areas of Java Island, Indonesia
pp. 3377-3385
Arief Sabdo Yuwono, Dewi Wulandari, Rahayu Widyastuti, Muhammad Riva Algar and Ridla Arifriana

Making Sense of The Politics of Recognition: Indicators of Religious Tolerance in Banten, Indonesia
pp. 3386-3397
Riswanda, M Dian Hikmawan, Gilang Ramadhan and Bayu Nurrohman

Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour of Laser Welded Butt Joint of Transformed Induced Plasticity (TRIP) Steel with effect Laser Incident Angle
pp. 3398-3403
Khot Rahul S and Venkateswara Rao T

A Novel Hybrid Approach for Access Control in Cloud Computing
pp. 3404-3414
Sara Alayda, Najad.A. Almowaysher, Mamoona Humayun and NZ Jhanjhi

EEG Analysis of Brain Activity Changes Depending on Illuminance Level and Video Type
pp. 3415-3427
Kiseong Kim, Hyesun Joo, Sangjeong Moon, Yejin Han and Young Jun Choi

Opportunities for Higher Education of Artificial Intelligence in Korea
pp. 3428-3430
Ki-Seok Choi

Designing Rapid Rating System of Smart Economy to Sustain and Develop Cities in Egypt
pp. 3431-3443
Eng. Esraa Magdy, Professor Dr. Tarek Zaki and Dr. Walid Bayoumi

Using Big Data Analytics to Design an Intelligent Market Basket-Case Study at Sameh Mall
pp. 3444-3455
Farah Almaslamani, Raneem Abuhussein, Hanan Saleet, Laith AbuHilal and Nader Santarisi

Smart Solution For Enhancing Storage Location Assignments In WMS Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 3456-3463
Hanan Saleet

Application of Remote Control Technology for a Homogenizing Vacuum Machine
pp. 3464-3468
Ayrat Irekovich Badriev

Comparative Performance Analysis of Private and Public Companies’ in the Oil Industry Sector: Russia and the World
pp. 3469-3474
Dmitry Rodnyansky, Oksana Polyakova, Ruslan Abramov and Ivan Makarov

Digital Technologies in the Context of the Implementation of the Responsibility by Government Officials
pp. 3475-3478
Azat Albertovich Gafurov, Aleksandr Fedorovich Malyj and Ella Rolandovna Adamova

Management of Innovations in the Supply Chains of Russian Oil and Oil Products Taking Into Account Regional Structure
pp. 3479-3484
Beilin Igor Leonidovich

Economic Optimization of the Oil and Gas Companies Financing
pp. 3485-3496
Safiullin Lenar Nailevich, Bulatova Elvira Ildarovna, Fathutdinova Regina Andreevna and Surkova Sofia Mirgalimovna

Coalescing Filter for Separation of Water-Oil Emulsions
pp. 3497-3503
Dinar Dilshatovich Fazullin, Gennady Vitalievich Mavrin and Leysan Ildarovna Fazullina

Digital Spaces and Bi-Regional Interaction within the Paradigm of Scientific Cooperation
pp. 3504-3507
Rosa Iosifovna Sitdikova, Nataliya Yevgenjevna Tyurina and Liliia Djamilovna Iafizova

Mechanisms for Ensuring the Economic Security of the Banking Sector Based on Blockchain Technologies
pp. 3508-3512
Marat Rashitovich Safiullin, Leonid Alekseevich Elshin and Alia Aidarovna Abdukaeva

Blockchain as the Component of the Macro-Generating Cluster of the Sixth Technological Mode
pp. 3513-3518
Marat Rashitovich Safiullin, Mikhail Valerievich Savelichev, Leonid Alekseevich Elshin and Vadim Olegovich Moiseev

Combination of Myoware Muscle Sensor, Bluetooth Module and Analog Receiver
pp. 3519-3523
Dmitry Andreevich Artemyev and Ilsiyar Ildarovna Bikmullina

Composition and Properties of Coolant Concentrate Obtained By a Dynamic Membrane
pp. 3524-3529
Dinar Dilshatovich Fazullin, Gennady Vitalievich Mavrin and Diana Aleksandrovna Yarovikova

Features of Lean Manufacturing in the Energy Sector
pp. 3530-3536
Badrieva R.R., Demyanova O.V. and Andreychenko I.S.

Identification of Bots in Social Networks based on Data Mining Technologies
pp. 3537-3541
Ilyas Idrisovich Ismagilov, Ajgul Ilshatovna Sabirova, Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva and Alexey Sergeevich Katasev

Method for Image Processing
pp. 3542-3545
Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin and Rustam Asgatovich Valiev

Method for Optimal Route
pp. 3546-3550
Aleksey Nikolaevich Iliukhin and Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Method for Site Access Control
pp. 3551-3554
Emil Lutcerovich Khaziev and Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Method of Geodata Processing
pp. 3555-3558
Shamil Aktasovitch Khamadeev and Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

Modification of Microfiltration Membranes with Ultraviolet Radiation to Separate Oil-In-Water Emulsions
pp. 3559-3563
Dinar Dilshatovich Fazullin and Gennady Vitalievich Mavrin

Method for Developing Unique Database Identifiers
pp. 3564-3567
Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin and Rustam Asgatovich Valiev

Perspective Evaluation of a Poultry-Breeding Enterprise Financial Resources Based on Seasonal Decomposition
pp. 3568-3574
Kadochnikova E.I, Sungatullina L.B., Agzamova R. R. and Abduazizova G. Sh

The Project of Creating an Expert Company for the Diagnosis of Gas, and Also Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Mps
pp. 3575-3578
Guzel Rafikovna Ganieva, Dinara Danilovna Iskhakova, Adel Evgenjevich Shammasov and Dmitri Sergeevitch Kostioukov

Emerging Technologies Integral Estimation Dynamic Model of the Company Financial Risks
pp. 3579-3584
Yakupova N. M., Kadochnikova E.I., Rafikova A. V. and Vasily I. Eremin

Management of Learning Companies: Problems and Prospects
pp. 3585-3588
Khanif Sharifzуanovich Mullakhmetov, Ruslan Duferovich Sadriev and Elvira Ructemovna Gafiyatullina

Neurofuzzy Model of Formation of Knowledge Bases for Selection of Geological and Technical Measures in Oil Fields
pp. 3589-3595
Oleg Yuryevich Panischev, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Ahmedshina, Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva, Igor Vyacheslavovich Anikin, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev, Amir Muratovich Akhmetvaleev and Arslan Valerievich Nasybullin

Neural Network Model for Detecting Network Scanning Attacks
pp. 3596-3600
Oleg Yuryevich Panischev, Artur Tagirovich Makridin, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev, Amir Muratovich Akhmetvaleev and Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva

Improvement of Repair Impact Efficiency During Technical Operation of Diesel Engines
pp. 3601-3604
Rinat Ralifovich Gainiev, Aleksey Yurevich Barykin, Rayaz Khalimovich Takhaviev and Damir Imamutdinovich Nuretdinov

Fuzzy Multi-Criterial Choice of Geological and Technical Measures
pp. 3605-3610
Oleg Yuryevich Panischev, Yuri Vladimirovich Davydov, Igor Vyacheslavovich Anikin, Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev and Amir Muratovich Akhmetvaleev

Development of Application for Recognition of Object Groups in the Image
pp. 3611-3615
Ilnur Saitovich Miftahov, Larisa Yurievna Grudtsyna and Irina Yurievna Myshkina

The Technology of Collecting Initial Data for Constructing Models for Assessing the Functional State of a Person by Pupillary Response to Changes In Illumination
pp. 3616-3624
Oleg Yuryevich Panischev, Rufat Faig Ogly Babayev, Dmitriy Gennadievich Petrosyants, Alexey Sergeevich Katasev, Amir Muratovich Akhmetvaleev, Irina Vladislavovna Akhmetvaleeva and Dina Vladimirovna Kataseva

Engineering Aspect of Modern Concept of Professional Education of Artists and Designers in Academic Figure
pp. 3625-3630
Elena Vasilenko, Pavel Vasilenko, Natalya Saenko, Viacheslav Borysov, Svitlana Borysova and Iryna Prodan

Artificial Intelligence: A Field of Synthesis of Breakthrough Ideas and Patenting of Intellectual Property
pp. 3631-3640
Shegelman I. R, Shtykov A. S. and Vasilev A. S

Energy Saving In Heating Systems of Buildings and Structures
pp. 3641-3643
Panfilov Stepan Aleksandrovich, Kabanov Oleg Vladimirovich, Shnyakin Ivan Anatolyevich, Valery FedorovichDanilov and Grigoryev Andrey Anatolievich

Technological Innovations for the Arctic and the Far North: Areas of Patenting Intellectual Property
pp. 3644-3650
Maslennikov E. I., Shegelman I. R., Shtykov A. S. and Vasilev A. S.

Features of the Reflection of Economic Issues by Russian Internet Media
pp. 3651-3653
Ramis Rassykhovich Gazizov and Murshida Khanafiyevna Bayraktar

Assessment of the Competitiveness of the Hotel Business in Republic of Uzbekistan
pp. 3654-3658
Djumaev Bobir Askarovich, Vladimir Anatolevich Rubtzov and Niyaz Minnahmatovich Biktimirov

Financial Potential and Tools for Commercialization of Biotechnology Projects in the Sustainable Development System
pp. 3659-3666
A. A. Kasatova, V.I. Vagizova and I.A. Kokh

The Research of the Bread Quality of High Nutritional Value Using Grain Mixtures
pp. 3667-3674
Zh.K. Nurgozhina, D.A. Shansharova, V. Sottnikova, A.M. Saidov and G.K. Yesseyeva

Model of Integrated Quality and Safety Management System for Collagen Production
pp. 3675-3684
Assemay T. Kazhymurat, Raushangul U. Uazhanova, Ulbala O. Tungyshbayeva and Dinara A. Tlevlesova

Energy-Saving Ventilation System for Sheep Premises
pp. 3685-3690
M.Zh. Issakhanov, N.B. Alibek, T.S. Dyusenbayev and A.S. Taldybayeva

Study of the Effect of cabbage juice (Brassica Oleracea), as a source of inhibition of microorganisms of the genus Bacillus in the preparation of whole grain wheat bread
pp. 3691-3698
L.Zh. Alashbayeva, D.A. Shansharova, H. Luděk, M.D. Kenzhekhojayev and N.V. Ivannikova

Effect of Proteolytic Enzymes on The Biological Degradability of Gelatin-Based Films
pp. 3699-3704
Bakyt B. Tyussyupova, Sagdat M. Tazhibayeva, Kuanyshbek Musabekov,Yessengeldi Mussatay and Azymbek Kokanbaev

The Use of Probing Laser Systems in the Complex Safety Problems
pp. 3705-3709
S. A. Rudyka

Probability of Position and Motion Parameters Estimation for a Radio Beacon in Passive Search and Rescue Systems
pp. 3710-3717
Semen Yukhno, Yuriy Petrov and Stanislav Rudyka

Future Energy Security for Kazakhstan: A Case Study of Brazil
pp. 3718-3731
Hor Ka Wai Christopher, Fatima Kukeyevа, Malik Augan, Kuralay Baizakova and Duman Zhekenov

Model of Developing the Availability of Engineers to Innovative Activity for High-Tech Industry
pp. 3732-3735
Angelina Olegovna Bagateeva and Guliya Nailevna Akhmetzyanova

Development of Manganese Master Alloy for Aluminum Alloys and the Technology of Its Application
pp. 3736-3740
Ainur Minnegayanovich Valiev, Lenar Rustamovich Kharisov, Dmitry Leonidovich Pankratov and Radik Nurgayazovich Gatin

Determination of Fiber Laser Cutting Parameters Taking Into Account the Distribution of the Laser Beam in the Material
pp. 3741-3745
Igor Petrovich Balabanov, Niyaz Rifkatevich Gabbasov and Olga Nikolaevna Balabanova

Kamaz Engine (R6 Series) Reliability Provision
pp. 3746-3750
Eduard Mukhamatzakievch Mukhametdinov, Irina Viktorovna Makarova, Larisa Mukhamatzakiyevna Gabsalikhova, Kapitonov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich and Hafizullin Ilnaz Shaukatovich

Search and Optimization of Factors to Improve Road Safety
pp. 3751-3756
Polina Aleksandrovna Buivol, Gulnara Anvarovna Iakupova, Irina Viktorovna Makarova and Eduard Mukhamatzakievch Mukhametdinov

Optimal Designing of the Rod Structure
pp. 3757-3760
Klyuev S.V., Klyuev A.V., Petrov N.I., Promahov V.V. and Klimenko V.A.

Introduction of Information Business Course in the Content of the Computer Science Program
pp. 3761-3771
Alzhanov I. A., Ismagambetova F. A., Abildinova G. M., Mubarakov A. M. and Alzhanov A. K.

The Barriers towards the Adoption of E-Wallet Payment System
pp. 3772-3777
Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar, Nik Malini Nik Mahdi, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Siti Rohana Mohamad, Siti Afiqah Zainuddin, Nur Farahiah Azmi, & Wan Farha Wan Zulkiffli

Application of Phase Distortion Autocompensation to Improve the Spectral Characteristics of Signal Generators of UAV Radio Transmitters
pp. 3778-3782
Dmitry I. Surzhik, Gleb S. Vasilyev and Oleg R. Kuzichkin

Design and Implementation of Overcurrent Relay to Protect the Transmission Line
pp. 3783-3789
Mohammed A. Ibrahim, Waseem Kh. Ibrahim and Ali N. Hamoodi

Optimization of Cost and CO2 Emission in Reinforced Concrete Footings Using a Metaheuristic Algorithm: A parametric study
pp. 3790-3794
Carlos Millán-Páramo, Euriel Millán-Romero and Fernando Jove Wilches

Solidarity Business Model for Micro-Businesses that Allows Economic Reactivation Due to COVID-19 in Colombia
pp. 3795-3798
MSc. Leydy J Hernández Viveros, MSc. Jennifer C Murcia Rodriguez and PhD. Danilo A. López Sarmiento

Performance Comparison and Visualization with Different Computational Softwares for Predicting the Reservoir Pressure on Oil Production
pp. 3799-3805
W. Z. W. A Muhamad, N. Alias, M. N. M. Ibrahim, H. F. S. Saipol and A. K. Junoh

Estimation of Voice Perturbation Measures Using Signal Processing Algorithms
pp. 3806-3813
V. Prarthana Karunaimathi, D. Gladis and D. Balakrishnan

The Effectiveness of the E-Portfolio Using the Students Led Conference Approach for Elementary School Students
pp. 3814-3818
Nafik, Prof. Dr. Mustaji, M.Pd. and Dr. Andi Mariono, M.Pd.

Development of Student Worksheets as Online English Learning Media at the Indonesian Vocational School
pp. 3819-3824
Nurul Iskandar, Mustaji and Miftakhul Jannah

Application of fuzzy synchronization in the NLOS UV communication system
pp. 3825-3829
G.S. Vasilyev, O.R. Kuzichkin, D.I. Surzhik, I.S. Konstantinov and S.A.Lazarev

Hierarchical Model for Conditioning Information Signals at the MANET Physical Level with Ultraviolet Channel
pp. 3830-3834
G.S. Vasilyev, O.R. Kuzichkin, D.I. Surzhik, I.S. Konstantinov and S.A.Lazarev

Fractal Manifold Method in Systems with Self-Organized Criticality
pp. 3835-3839
V.V. Vladimirov and E.V. Vladimirova

Building a Knowledge Base in Patented Technology and Equipment for Dispensing Various Types of Substances
pp. 3840-3848
Vasilev A. S, Shegelman I. R., Sukhanov Y. V., Galaktionov O. N., Lukashevich V. M., Kuznetsov A. V. and Krupko A. M.

On a solution to the "cheaters" and "consultants" problem within online educational service
pp. 3849-3854
Anton Anatolievich FINOGENOV, Natalia Sergeevna GILMANOVA and Svetlana Valentinovna VLADIMIROVA

A Comprehensive Review on the Influence of Equal Channel Angular Pressing Parameters on Magnesium Alloys
pp. 3855-3871
M.S. Salleh, A.A. Rahman, S.H.Yahaya, M.Y.Yuhazri and S. Akmal

A Generalised Fixed Point Theorem for Set Valued Presic Type Contractions in a Metric Space
pp. 3872-3876
Rajagopalan R

Ecolodge Design and Architectural Education: A New approach for Design Studios
pp. 3877-3892
Iman O. Gawad


Influence of the inconsistency of the geometric layout on the road accident rate in a stretch of road with mountainous topography in southern Colombia
pp. 3893-3898
Fernando Jove Wilches, Jorge Luis Argoty Burbano and Carlos Millán-Páramo

Comparative Study on Thermal Comfort of a HVAC System with Two and Four Airflow Inlet using CFD Analysis for Commercial Building
pp. 3899-3906
Moole Koti suryam and Godiganur.Sharanapp

Determination of Stresses and Displacements in Rigid Pavement Slabs, Through Finite Element Analysis
pp. 3907-3912
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Páramo and Álvaro Rafael Caballero Guerrero

A Lane Centerline Recognition System Based on Improved High Efficiency Hough transform
pp. 3913-3918
Tao Peng, YoungMin Jang and ByeongWoo Kim

Modeling of Asphalt Pavement Considering the Application of Empirical and Mechanistic Design Methodologies
pp. 3919-3926
Fernando Jove Wilches, Álvaro Rafael Caballero Guerrero and Giancarlo Patrón Lambraño

Business Architecture Model in Strategic Information System Management for Effective Railway Supply Chain Perspective
pp. 3927-3933
Mailasan Jayakrishnan, Abdul Karim Mohamad and Mokhtar Mohd Yusof

Modelling of Asphalt Pavement Structures for Different Design Conditions on Roads in Northern Colombia
pp. 3934-3942
Fernando Jove Wilches, Giancarlo Patrón Lambraño and Carlos Millán-Páramo

Case Study: Analysis of Dropout, Repetition and Academic Risk by Higher Education Students at the Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas
pp. 3943-3949
Harvey Gomez Castillo, Holman Montiel Ariza and Miguel Perez Pereira


Truss Optimization with Natural Frequency Constraints Using Modified Social Engineering Optimizer
pp. 3950-3963
Carlos Millán-Páramo, Euriel Millán-Romero and Fernando Jove Wilches

Method and System of Pre-Sowing Microwave Treatment of Agricultural Crop Seeds
pp. 3964-3969
A.V. Kovalev, O.B. Spiridonov, I.E. Lysenko and O.A. Ezhova

Modelling of rigid pavements in road projects in northern Colombia, using the Finite Element method
pp. 3970-3976
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Páramo and Álvaro Rafael Caballero Guerrero

Promising Information Technologies for Tax Purposes: International Trends in Software for Auditors
pp. 3977-3986
Larisa Petrovna Grundel, Nina Ilinishna Malis, Irina Aleksandrovna Zhuravleva, Nadezda Petrovna Melnikova and Olga Valentinovna Mandroshchenko

GAN based Augmentation for Improving Anomaly Detection Accuracy in Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems
pp. 3987-3996
Kangseok Kim

A Methodology for Tunning Cascade PI Controllers for Power Electronics Converters
pp. pp. 3997-4003
Nicolás Muñoz Galeano, Jesús María López Lezama and Juan Bernardo Cano Quintero

Bioengineering in a Poultry Facility in Northern Colombia
pp. pp. 4004- 4010
Carlos Millán-Páramo, Euriel Millán-Romero and Fernando Jove Wilches