International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 13, Number 02 (2020)





Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Gaming Agent Using A* Algorithm and Finite State Machines
pp. 191-206
Adekanmi Adeyinka Adegun, Roseline Oluwaseun Ogundokun, Samuel Ogbonyomi and Peter O. Sadiku

Development of a Web Based Intelligent Dietetic System

pp. 207-211
Aderonke A. Kayode, Abidemi E. Adeniyi and Noah O. Akande

Cost-Resource Replacement Trade-off Algorithm for Multi-Skilled Resource Scheduling

pp. 212-228
Narongrit Wongwaia and Suphawut Malaikrisanachalee

On Three-Point Finite Difference Techniques for SPBVPs

pp. 229-232
E. R. El-Zahar and A.M. Algelany

Dynamic Analysis of Steel Eccentrically Braced Frames with Shear Link

pp. 233-239
Alireza Bahrami and Mahmood Heidari

Application of the Harmonic Search Algorithm for Identification of Model Parameters of Traffic Lights for a High Way of Bogotá

pp. 240-246
Oswaldo Alberto Romero Villalobos, Edgar Jacinto Rincón Rojas, Julio Barón Velandia and Helbert Eduardo Espitia Cuchango

Exploring Research and Innovation in Engineering Education in African Higher Education

pp. 247-252
Dr. Kehdinga George Formunyam

Massifying Stem Education in Africa

pp. 253-260
Dr. Kehdinga George Formunyam

The Method of Complex Facility’s Function Chart Comparison Produced by its Operator Expression and Application of Such a Method

pp. 261-266
Murat D. Adambayev, Zhazira T. Julayeva, Zhanibek E. Shukamanov, Zhadyra D. Sadvakassova, Gulmira S. Bayandina and Marzhan Spabekova

Problems of Oil Refining Industry Development in Russia

pp. 267-270
Zakaev Dokka, Nikolaichuk Liubov and Filatova Irina

A Reinterpretation of the Relationship between the Architecture of Ancient Mataram Era Temples in Indonesia and of 7th-10th century Temples in South India

pp. 271-279
Rahadhian P Herwindo, Basuki Dwisusanto and Indri A

Assessment of the Transmission System Operation Conditions through the Evaluation of Performance Index

pp. 280-286
Marialis Çelo, Rajmonda Bualoti and Elio Voshtina

Composition and Specification of the Blended Fuels Aqueous Ethanol-Biodiesel and Aqueous Ethanol-Diesel-Biodiesel Prepared by Sub Critical

pp. 287--295
Hanny F. Sangian, Ramli Thahir, Tun Sriana, Zami Furqon and Silvya Y. Agnesty

Exploring Leadership Effectiveness of Engineers at a Company in the Sugar Industry in South Africa

pp. 296-306
Mr. Dennis M. Dlamini, Prof. Cecile N. Gerwel Proches and Dr Nikita Singh

Risk Factors Causing Time Delay in the Jordanian Construction Sector

pp. 307-315
Zaydoun T. Abu Salem and Akram Suleiman

Multilayer Neural Network-Based Battery Module SOH Diagnosis

pp. 316-319
Jong-Hyun Lee, Hyun-Sil Kim and In-Soo Lee

Comparison of Nonlinear Excitation Controllers for Power System Stabilization

pp. 320-333
Ayokunle A. Awelewa, Olawale Popoola, Isaac A. Samuel and Ayobami A. Olajube

Development of a Model for Monitoring and Analysis of Road Traffic Using an Algorithm for Neural Networks

pp. 334-338
Dr. Ayman Nayef Al Halaybeh, Dr. Khaldoun Besoul and Prof. Safwan Al Salaimeh

The Pattern of Adherence to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Jordanian Small and Medium Sized Construction Sites

pp. 339-344
Dr. Khair Al-Deen Bsisu

Digital Colour Image Steganography for PNG Format and Secured Based on Encoding and Clustering

pp. 345-354
Arshiya Sajid Ansari, Mohammad Sajid Mohammadi and Syed Sohail Ahmed

An Intelligent Mining Model for Medical Diagnosis of Heart Disease Based on Rough Set Data Analysis

pp. 355-363
Hossam A. Nabwey

On Fourth Order Centered Difference Scheme for Linear SPBVPs

pp. 364-367
A.M. Algelany and E. R. El-Zahar

Multi-Core Aware Virtual Machine Placement for IaaS Cloud DataCenters

pp. 368-373
Nagadevi.S and Dr.S.V.Kasmir Raja

A Study of Water Permeability of Coal Ash and Slag to Assess the Possibility of Their Use as Road Pavement Layers

pp. 374-378
I.Yu. Lange, Y.A. Lebedeva and P.V. Kotiukov

Study of Wind Turbine Noise Propagation Characteristics Considering Geographical Features

pp. 379-383
Bong-Young Kim, Zhixing Tian and Myung-Jin Bae