International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (IJFAS)


Volume 1, Number 2 (2011)




Bioremediation of Ammonia and Nitrite in Polluted Waters
Authors:Barik P., H.K. Vardia and S.B. Gupta


Analysis of Trends in Fishery’s Contribution to Agriculture and National Development in Nigeria, 1960-2008
Authors:feanyi A. Ojiako and James W. Miller


Evaluation of Lactobacillus sp. as a probiotic for the growth of freshwater fish Cyprinus carpio
Authors:V. Vignesh, N. Kanipandian, K. Parthiban, B. Vasuki,
A. Nishanthini and R. Thirumurugan


Food Preferences of Labeo rohita (Hamilton) in River Ramganga, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Authors:Mohammad Alam, Shikha Sharma and J.K. Pathak

Fish Diversity in Fresh Water Sangmeshwar Perennial Reservoir in Osmanabad District Maharashtra, India

pp. 107-111

Authors: Dilip Jadhav, Swati Jadhav and Sandhya Shinde




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