International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (IJFAS)

Volume 3, Number 2, (2013) 





The identity of Schilbe intermedius (Ruppell, 1832) in Jebba Lake, Nigeria
pp. 113-119
Authros: Yem, I.Y., Bankole, N.O, and Bwala, R.L.,

Length Freouency, Sex-Ratio and Diet Composition of a Hill Stream Loach Nemacheilus Moreh (Sykes)
pp. 121-129
Authors: Kharat S.S. and Y.K. Khillare

Ecology of River Spiti, Lahaul-Spiti (Himachal Pradesh), India
pp. 131-141
Authors: Indu Sharma and Rani Dhanze

Seasonal Changes in the Histological Profile of the Testicular and Ovarian Cycle in Labeo Dyocheilus
pp. 143-149
Author: Rakesh Verma

Effect of freeze-dried bark extract of Tephrosia vogelii on some haematological parameters of Heterobranchus longifilis juveniles Val. (pisces: 1840) in Nigeria.
pp. 151-160
Authors: Anju, T.D.; Solomon, S.G. and Cheikyula, J.O.

Pesticide Toxicity and Behavioural Responses in the Fish Orechromis Mossambicus
pp. 161-164
Author: A. Parithabhanu


Traditional fishing techniques of Adivasi tribes in Tamhini region of Western Ghats
pp. 165-172
Authors: Sanjay S. Kharat, Pradeep B. Kumkar and Kishor S. Sonawane

Fish Scales as Pollution Indicator in Harike Wetland
pp. 173-182
Authors: Onkar Singh Brraich and Sulochana Jangu


Elevation of Glucose on the Ablation of Single Eyestalk of the Giant Fresh Water Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii

pp. 183-189

Authors: Nithya V., Kottickal L.V.* and Mohamed U.V.K.



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