International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 3, Number 3 (2011)   




Effect of Porosity on Revolving Ferrofluid Flow with Rotating Disk
Authors: Paras Ram, Kushal Sharma and Anupam Bhandari

Jeans Criterion of Rotating Molecular Cloud in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
Authors: Ram K. Pensia, V. Shrivastava, Ashok K. Patidar, Vishal Kumar and Vikas Prajapat

Theoretical Analysis of Gas Turbine Blades by Finite Element Method
Authors:B. Deepanraj, J. Murugan, P. Lawrence and G. Arunkumar


Nanofluids: Energy Efficient Heat Transfer Fluid
Authors:Ritesh P. Harode and M.S. Deshmukh


Shliomis Model based Ferrofluid Lubrication of a Plane Inclined Slider Bearing with Slip Velocity
Authors:Nitin D. Patel and Gunamani Deheri


Electrorheological Fluid Damper for Vibration Reduction in Rotary System
Authors:S.S. Patil, S.S. Gawade and S.R. Patil


Analysis of Fluid Flow through Centrifugal Compressor using CFD
Authors: Shaik Javeed and B. Veerabadra Reddy


Hall Currents Effect on MHD Free Convection Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer in the Presence of Radiation and Heat Source
Authors: Shelendra Kumar and C.B. Gupta and Prahlad Singh


Thermal Diffusion and Radiation Effects on MHD Flow through Porous Medium with Variable Temperature and Variable Mass Diffusion
Authors: A.G. Vijaya Kumar and S. Vijaya Kumar Varma


Numerical Investigation of Flow through C-Shape Diffuser
Authors: Prasanta K Sinha and Bireswar Majumdar


Non-Linear Peristaltic Flow of a Fourth Grade Fluid through a Porous Medium in an Inclined Asymmetric Channel
Authors: M.V. Subba Reddya, B. Jayarami Reddyb, M. Sudhakar Reddyc and S. Uma Mahesward




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