International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology (IJIET)


Volume 5, Number 1-2 (2013) 




Selection Procedure of Bayesian One Suspension Plan

pp. 1-6

Authors: M. Latha and S. Jeyabharathi


Relationship between Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain Management

pp. 7-16

Authors: Sumeet Gill and BS Pabla


Preparation and Testing of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite-A Case Study

pp. 17-19

Authors: Dr. R.Saravanan and Mr. T. S. Siddalingaprasad


A Study of Queuing Model for Banking System 

pp. 21-26

Authors: Toshiba Sheikh , Sanjay Kumar Singh and Anil Kumar Kashyap


Optimization of Manufacturing System through Group Technology: A Case Study of Fastener Industry

pp. 27-36

Authors: SanJeet Kumar, Mahima Singh and Bimal Kumar Shrivastava


Design and Analysis of Oil Pump Performance Inspection Fixture Using Archadís Equation and ANSYS

pp. 37-46

Authors: S.A. RoshanFarid and N. Ashwin Kumar


A Group Decision Support Methodology to Weight Diesel Engineís Operating Parameters by Using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Delphi

pp. 47-61

Authors: Chedthawut Poompipatpong and Athakorn Kengpol





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