International Journal of Physics and Applications (IJPA)

Volume 6, Number 1 (2014) 





FTIR and FT-RAMAN Spectral Investigation of Fluorobenzene

pp. 1-6

Author: R. Ramasamy


The Determination of Heavy Metals Exposure to Environmental in Fingernails of Females in Port Sudan

pp. 7-13

Authors: Abdelrazig. M. Abdelbagi, Salwa. M. Ibrahim and Ahmed. H. Elfaki


Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of Tetralin
pp. 21-28
Authors: R. Ramasamy and V. Prabhakaran


Historical Origins of the Quantum Theory
pp. 29-31
Author: Paresh V. Modh

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Nano Multiferroic BiCoxFe1–xO3 Ceramics
pp. 33-40
Authors: K. Sen and M. Singh

Similarity of Moment of Inertia 
pp. 41-43
Arup Jyoti Chutia

The Study of Relaxation Times of Isoleucine Using Modulated Temperature Method
pp. 45-48
Author: Sami M. Ali

Curie-point Bahaviour of Partially Deuterated H- Bonded Ferroelectric Crystals
pp. 49-54
Authors: Prakash Chand Singhadiya, Parminder Singh, M.S. Yadav and S.C. Deorani