Journal of Computer Science and Applications (JCSA) 

Volume 6, Number 2 (2014)






A Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
pp. 69-77
Authors: K. Raja and M. Prabhakar

A Novel Approach to Improve TNNC Using Leaders Algorithm
pp. 79-89
Authors: P.Venkatasaichandrakanth, Y.C.A.Padmanabha Reddy, S.Mohommad.ghouse

Adaptive QoS for Streaming of Videos in Cloud using Mobile Devices
pp. 91-97
Authors: Varun Sai Matla and Srujan Kumar Reddy M

Ranking of Cloud Services Using Cumulative Sum Method
pp. 99-105
Authors: Syed Riyazul Haq and S.H Shabbeer Basha

Fortified Similarity Integration In Image-Rich Web Sites Using Simlearn
pp. 107-113
Authors: Muni Manasa G and S.M.Farooq

Simulation And Comparison of Various Scheduling Algorithm For Improving The Interrupt Latency of Real –Time Kernal
pp. 115-123
Authors: Lavanya Dhanesh Dr.P.Murugesan

Development of Novel Citric Acid Based Biodegradable Polyesters from Sesame Oil
pp. 133-138
Authors: G. S. Prabha Littis Malar, S. Begila David


Some Studies On Interleukin Database Design

pp. 133-139

N.Deepak Kumar and Dr.A.Ramamohan Reddy




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