Advances in Applied Mathematical Biosciences (AAMB)

Volume 7, Number  1   (2016)




RBF Neural Networks Based on BFGS Optimization Method for Solving Integral Equations
pp. 1-22
M. Sadeghi, M. Pashaie and A. Jafarian


Dynamics in a Harvested Prey-Predator Model with Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible (SIS) Epidemic Disease in the Prey
pp. 23-31
Sujatha.K and Gunasekaran.M


SIR Epidemic Model with total Population size
pp. 33-39
D.Muthuramakrishnan and A.Martin


A Model for HIV Transmission among Intravenous Drug Users
pp. 41-50
V. Vijayalakshmi