Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences :Theory and Practical (GJMS)

Volume 10, Number 1, (2018)




The Stress-Intensity Factors for Two Griffith-Cracks Opened by Two Exterior Wedges in Isotropic Stress-Free Rectangle

pp. 1-13

Poonam Tripathi


Three Step Iteration Process with Errors in Convex Cone Metric Spaces

pp. 1529

R.A. Siddiqui and B.P. Tripathi


Fuzzy Weakly Compact Continuous Functions

pp. 31-35

S. Daniel and M. Jayaraman


Elgamal Encryption Using Regular Semiring

pp. 37-42

V. Thiruveni


On The Binding Number of Corona of Complete graph with Paths and their complements

pp. 43-59

Saad S. ALtabaili