International Journal of Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJCSSE)

Volume 1, Number 1 (2015)





Attribute Based Encryption for Multiples Authorities Using Shamir's Secret Sharing Algorithm
pp. 1-8
Konuru Chandrasekhar, A.V.S. Sairam Prasad, Jataprolu Anirudh and Eadara Ramakrishna

Design of Academic Performance Prediction System Using Multi-Layer Perceptron
pp. 10-16
G. Jayanthi and V.Ramesh

The Role and Issue of Clustering Techniques in Designing Maintainable Object Oriented System

pp. 17-24

Manju Kaushik and Bhawana Mathur


Dynamic Data in terms of Data Mining Streams
pp. 25-31
Rupinder Kaur

Personalized Web Search With Supporting Privacy
pp. 33-38
Ashwini Suresh Lohar, Abhijit Kulkarni ,Rahul Ghotekar, Surekha Karanjkar Guided by prof Shailesh Patil

Software Defects Prediction Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 39-48
Rishu Gupta


Evaluation of Performance Metric of Automatic Machine Translation
pp. 49-57
Vandana Sahaya and Pardeep Singh


Reliability of Computer Systems with Minimal Repairs
pp. 59-63
R. Chinnaiyan and V. Ilango