International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)


Volume 4, Number 3 (2011)




Estimation of Pulse Repetition Frequency for Ionospheric Communication
pp. 251-258
Authors: Sandip Nandi and Bijoy Bandyopadhyay

Performance of Reed-Solomon Codes in AWGN Channel
pp. 259-266
Authors: Anish S. Sanghvi, Nishant B. Mishra, Rajkumar Waghmode and Kiran T. Talele

Design Consideration and Effect of Parameter Variation on sub-40nm Bulk MOSFET using TCAD Tool
pp. 267-274
Authors: S. Intekhab Amin, M.S. Alam and Ruqaiya Khanam

Performance and Comparative Analysis of Still Image for Compression Ratio using Wavelets
pp. 275-282
Authors: Er. Tripatjot Singh, Er. Sanjeev Chopra, Er. Amandeep Kaur and Er. Harmanpreet Kaur

Signal Strength Dependence on Atmospheric Particulates
PP. 283-286
Authors: Yekeen O. Olasoji and Michael O. Kolawole

Mutual Coupling between Two Patches using Ideal High Impedance Surface
pp. 287-293
Authors: Vikas Kaduskar and R.S. Kawitkar

Web-controlled Embedded System using Mobile
pp. 295-303
Authors: Raj Kumar Tiwari and Santosh Kumar Agrahari


Wavelet Transform EDNSS LMS Adaptive Filtering for Echo & Noise Cancellation in Speech Signals
pp. 305-319
Authors: D. Yugandhar and S.K. Nayak


Error Performance Analysis for Equal Gain Combining with Gaussian Noise and Co-channel Interference in Nakagami-m Fading Channel
pp. 321-335
Authors: Shailendra Jain and M. Tiwari

FPGA Implementation of 32 Tap FIR Filter with Multi Hierarchy Pipeline Architecture
pp. 337-345
Authors: Sridevi Sriadibhatla and P.L.H. Varaprasad

An Efficient Hybrid Channel Allocation Algorithm based on Hot-Spot & Cold-Spot: One Step Ahead from Channel Allocation Algorithms
pp. 347-358
Authors: Yogendra Kumar Jain and Simran Kour Randhava



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