International Journal of Electrical Engineering (IJEE)

Volume 6, Number 5, (2013)





Application of Storage Devices to Improve Dynamic Performance of FLC Based Power System
pp. 493-508
Authors: SandeepDhundhara, Anil Kumar and J.Raja

On the Analysis and Optimal Control Design of BLDC Drives
pp. 509-522
Authors: B. Bijukumar and V. Ramachandran

Design and Simulation of an Efficient Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter Fed Single Phase DC Drive
pp. 523-530
Authors: R. Puviarasi, Balamurugan.P and Mritha.R

Brief Steady of Power Factor Improvement
pp. 531-539
Author: Ashok Kumar


Comparison of Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation based Seven and Five Level Cascaded Inverters
pp. 541-550

Authors: M.Murugesan, R.Sakthivel, D.Pushpalatha and R.Pari


Energy Management through Energy Auditing for a Sustainable Development - A Judicious Approach
pp. 551-567
Authors: Dr. D.Kalyanakumar, A.S.Dominic Johnson and R.Vivek


Cycloconverter Drive for AC Motors

pp. 569-581

Authors: Manishkumar M. Tayade and S.S. Dhamse


Grid Synchronous Inverter

pp. 583-588

Authors: Aju Chacko and Dr C.S Ravichandran




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