International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 14, Number 10 (2021)





Characterization of physico-mechanical properties of natural Guaruma fiber (Ischnosiphon arouma) for reinforcement in biocomposites
pp. 974-977
William Javier Mora Espinosa, Bladimir Azdrubal Ramón Valencia and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

An approach to the stability of the Chen system through Hurwitz polynomials
pp. 978-986
Fabián Toledo Sánchez, Pedro Pablo Cárdenas Alzate and Carlos Alberto Abello Muñoz

Heuristic evaluation of video games in Smart TV environments
pp. 987-992
Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino, Manuel Alejandro Ospina Alarcón and Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz

Technical-Economic Study for the Manufacture of a Chassis for the Formula Student
pp. 993-998
Adrian Sebastian Fuentes Martínez, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Descriptive Analysis of the Agile Methodology Extreme Programming (XP) for its Implementation in Software Development
pp. 999-1004
Holman Montiel Ariza, Luis F. Wanumen Silva and Lely A. Luengas Contreras

Analysis of the Chassis Structure of a Formula Student Racing Car
pp. 1005-1017
Adrian Sebastian Fuentes Martinez, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Design and fabrication of a low-cost fused deposition modeling 3D printer
pp. 1018-1025
Luz Karime Hernández Gegén, Holger Antonio Cacua and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Collaborative Spectral Decision Process for Cognitive Wireless Networks Using Bio-inspired Optimization
pp. 1026-1032
Diego Armando Giral-Ramírez, Cesar Augusto Hernández-Suarez and Fredy Hernán Martínez-Sarmiento

Interference Analysis in a Multiuser Predictive Spectral Model
pp. 1033-1040
Cesar Hernandez, Luis Pedraza and Diego Giral

Modeling of a chassis for an SAE formula car
pp. 1041-1050
Adrian Sebastian Fuentes Martinez, Gonzalo Guillermo Moreno Contreras and Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon


Sufficient analysis of an urban hydraulic work through the use of Hydraulic Modelling tools and Geographical Information Systems
pp. 1051-1058
Fernando Jove Wilches, Carlos Millán-Páramo and Jorge Luis Argoty Burbano

Physical-mechanical characterization of granular materials for the construction of roads from a soil quarry in northern Colombia
pp. 1059-1067
Fernando Jove Wilches, Rodrigo Hernández Avila and Manuel Francisco Betín Pérez

Stabilization of granular materials for road construction through the modification of their particle size distribution
pp. 1068-1076
Fernando Jove Wilches, Rodrigo Hernández Avila and Cesar Roberto Salcedo Monterrosa