International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 14, Number 07 (2021)





The Imminent Obsolescence of Cryptographic Algorithms and the Arrival of Quantum Computation
pp. 593-600
Diana Milena Rodríguez Herrera, Jhoan Manuel Patiño Fandiño and Norberto Novoa Torres

Spreading Awareness towards Social Engineering Attacks
pp. 601-606
Moaiad Ahmad Khder and Latifa Khalid AINoaimi

Evolution of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Knowledge in Constant Change. Literature Review
pp. 607-620
Alexander Quintero, Juan M. Andrade and Elías Ramírez

Function Efficiency Based Approach for Assessing Academic Library Space
pp. 621-634
Tamer Ahmed Ramadan, Morad Abdelkader, Haitham AbdelSalam Ali and Amr Soliman ElGohary

Development of a New Test Method for Alpha Plane Differential Protection Characteristic Using IEC61850 Standard Based Numerical Relays
pp. 635-646
Mkuseli Lwana and Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda Mnguni

Image Enhancement based on Verilog Hardware Description Language
pp. 647-651
Ch. Sai Nived, A. Rohith Kumar, G. Sai Dheeraj and P. Jithendra

An Efficient Lossless Video Watermarking With Multiple Watermarks Using Artificial Jellyfish Algorithm
pp. 652-663
G. Dhevanandhini and Dr. G.Yamuna

Study on Phreatic Wastewater from Temascalcingo Irrigation District, Mexico State, Mexico
pp. 664-673
Teobaldis Mercado, Manuel Ortega and Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Investigation of D Flip flop designing Using INDEP with Bi-Triggering (Trig01) NAND Gate Approach
pp. 674-678
Rachana Arya and Amit Jain

Effectiveness of Several Theoretical Models in Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Coconut Shell Powder/Epoxy Resin Composites
pp. 679-686
AM Andezai, LM Masu and M Maringa

Simulation and feasibility analysis of the operation of port ballast water treatment stations in the port of Santos (SP, Brazil)
pp. 687-699
C. Toro-Perez, Y.F. Ceballos and L.E. Muñoz

Utilization of big data and Machine learning in image processing
pp. 700-707
Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Ibrahim Mahmoud El-henawy and Ahmed Moustafa

Vertical axis Darrieus turbines: State of the art research
pp. 708-716
José D. Cardona Cárdenas, Juan G. Ardila Marín, Jhony M. Gutiérrez Flórez and Carlos A. Ramírez Vanegas

Hand Anthopometry Data Measurement Methods and Biomechanical Hand Model
pp. 717-720
Kyung-Sun Lee

Evaluate the Performance of Service Buildings in the Operational Stage
pp. 721-739
Dalia Ahmed Refaee Mohamed, Hossam Eldin Hassan Othman Elbrombaly and Akram Farouk Abdel Latif