International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 14, Number 09 (2021)





Electron Backscatter Diffraction Analysis of effect of temperature on grain size, grain boundaries and texture of Aluminium Alloy 1050-H4 during Accumulative Roll Bonding Process (ARB)
pp. 866-875
M. Pita, P.M. Mashinini and L.K. Tartibu

Physical-Chemical Characterization of Cocoa Pod Husk for Possible Use in the Making of Chipboards
pp. 876-880
Andrés Felipe Díaz Oviedo, Bladimir Azdrúbal Ramón Valencia and Gonzalo Guillermo Moreno Contreras

Design and Implementation of a Makerspace for Learning Programming Logic
pp. 881-886
Isbelia Karina Rincon Parada, Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon and Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon

Electric Vehicles within the Distributed Generation
pp. 887-894
Manuel Ricardo Franco Contreras, Brian Alexander Veloza Beltran and Diego Armando Giral Ramírez

Trends and Impact Advances in the Implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Security Protocol
pp. 895-900
Johana A. Mendoza Aguilera and Norberto Novoa Torres

Levels of Service determination and pedestrian capacity in critical areas located in the centre of San Juan de Pasto city
pp. 901-907
Fernando Jove Wilches, Jorge Luis Argoty Burbano and Alexandra Rosas Palomino

Influence of brick waste microparticles as reinforcement of a bioepoxy based composite
pp. 908-912
Jorge Antonio Velasco-Parra, Bladimir A. Ramón-Valencia and Gonzalo Moreno Contreras

Effect of using the Kahood platform as a learning system in computer science before taking a final assessment
pp. 913-919
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

Design and Implementation of Solar Powered Electric Vehicle for On-Campus University Applications
pp. 920-927
Ahmad F. Tazay

Assessment of Free Electron Laser and a Laser Plasma Wakefield Accelerator and Using Puffin simulation code
pp. 928-933
B.M. Alotaibi, Abdelrazig.M.Abdelbagi and R. AlTawjery

Labor Supply and Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on Engineering Programs
pp. 934-939
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Luz Karime Hernández Gegén

Diagnosis of Environmental Conditions in the Conservation of Information Units
pp. 940-946
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

Proposal of an Automated Tool for Conducting Usability Inspections based on Nielsen Heuristics
pp. 947-952
Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino, Luis Freddy Muñoz Sanabria and Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz

Delimitation of the Perimeter of the Historic Centre of Sincelejo
pp. 953-959
Jose Rodrigo Hernández Avila, Luz Jackeline Cassab Díaz and Fernando Jove Wilches

Food Security Measurement Model Proposed for Colombia Based on the Dimension of Access for Public Policies

pp. 960-964
Yaneth P. Romero Alvarez, Eustorgio Amed Salazar and Marinella Álvarez Borrero

Comparative Evaluation of Spectral Handoff Models
pp. 965-973
Cesar Hernandez, Fredy Martinez and Diego Giral