International Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (IJGEB)


Volume 1, Number 1-2 (2010)  




Production of Isoamylase from Rhizopus oryzae in Submerged Fermentation
PP. 1-10
Authors: Barnita Ghosh and Rina Rani Ray

Regeneration of Soft Tissue with the Ciprofloxacin Incorporated Collagen Scaffold Delivery Vehicle
PP. 11-22
Authors: S. Kirubanandan and P.K. Sehgal

‘Blast those Genes’: A Gridified Framework for Bioinformatics Blast using the A3pviGrid
PP. 23-33
Authors: Avinash Shankaranarayanan and Christine Amaldas

Insilico Analysis and Homology Modeling of Salutaridine Reductase of Papaver somniferum
PP. 35-41
Authors: Siddiqui M. Asif, Amir Asad, Malik S. Anjali, Arya Arvind, Kapoor Neelesh, Kumar Hirdesh and Verma Priyanka

Structural Analysis of DNA Interaction with Spermine – Selenomethionine - Spermine Complex : A Study using 
PP. 43-56
Authors: Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy N. Iyandurai and S. Ganesan

Identification and Molecular Cloning of Marek’s Disease Virus Type 3 Glycoprotein M and Glycoprotein K
PP. 57-64
Authors: Seyed Amirali Raeisosadat, D. Muraleedharan and A. Jayakumaran Nair

Comparative Analysis of Photosynthetic and Biochemical Characteristics of Desi and Kabuli Genepools of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
PP. 65-76
Authors: Varsha Gupta, Sabhyata Bhatia, Neelima Atal Mohanty, Niroj Sethy and Baishnab C. Tripathy

Sequence Based Information and Phylogenetic Analysis of Dihydrofolate Reductase in Pneumocystis
PP. 77-88
Authors: Jayaprakash Chinnappan, Subashini Swaminathan and Palanisamy Thangavelan Lakshmi

In Silico Comparision of the Ligand Binding Domain of Ecdysone Receptor of Two Lepidopterous Insect Pests, Helicoverpa 
PP. 89-99
Authors: Armigera and Spodoptera Litura A. Praveena and K.P. Sanjayan

Heterologous Expression of CVS Rabies Virus Glycoprotein Gene in Pichia pastoris
PP. 101-110
Authors: S.N. Nagesha, P.H. Ramanjini Gowda, T.M. Ningaraju, S.N. Madhusudana, N. Deepak, H.M. Mahadeva Swamy, K.N. Yogendra, T. Nagaraju and Anita S. Desai


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