International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Vol.7 No.3 (2014)




Comparison study of Vector Control of Induction Motor Using Rotor Flux Estimation by Two Different Methods
pp. 201-206
Authors: Ashish Chourasia, Vishal Srivastava, Abhishek Choudhary and Sakshi Praliya

A 2.4-Ghz Differential Low-noise Amplifiers using 0.18um CMOS Technology
pp. 207-212
Authors: Bhupendra Dwivedi and Rajesh Khatri

Nano Technology for Computer Science: Scope and Opportunities
pp. 213-218
Authors: Mohd. Suhail Ansari and Pawan Gupta

Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System
pp. 219-224
Authors: Suman Lata and Mohammad Ayyub

Enhancing Reliability of Radio Links in Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 225-230
Authors: Ved Prakash Sharma and Rajesh Tyagi

Design of Microstrip Fed Monopole Antenna Using Photonic Band-Gap Structure for Ultra Wideband Application
pp. 231-236
Authors: Pooja Sharma and Govind Kumar

Technology Development Prospects for the Indian Power Sector
pp. 237-246
Authors: Pranav Kharbanda and Mohit Prasad

Photovoltaic Powered Centrifugal Water Pump
pp. 247-254
Authors: Probeer Sahw and Prerna Gaur

Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using FACTS Devices: A Review
pp. 255-262
Authors: Rajeev Kumar Chauhan and J.P. Pandey

Designing an UHF RFID Reader Antenna
pp. 263-268
Authors: Rajesh Kumar Gangwar, Swati Singh and Sweta Agarwal

Intoxicated Speech Detection using MFCC Feature Extraction and Vector Quantization
pp. 269-280
Authors: Risha Mal, R.K. Sharma and Naveen Kumar

Temperature Estimation using Image Processing with Quantum Analysis
pp. 281-286
Authors: Rohit Rana and Harish Parthasarthy

Synthesis of Nano-structured p-type Higher Manganese Silicide
pp. 287-292
Authors: Govind Ram Gurjar, Purnima Swarup Khare, Saravanan Muthiah, B.D. Pathak and Ajay Dhar

Removal of Noise from MRI using Spectral Subtraction
pp. 293-298
Authors: Sheril, Shamna N.V and Jose Alex Mathew

Comparison of Minimising Total Harmonic Distortion with PI Controller, Fuzzy Logic Controller, BFO- fuzzy Logic Controlled Dynamic Voltage Restorer
pp. 299-306
Authors: Shilpa Garg and Ram Avtar Jaswal

Co-design Approach of RMSA with CMOS LNA for Millimeter Wave Applications
pp. 307-312
Authors: Usha, Shamsher Malik, Sandeep, Neeraj and Sandeep Kumar

Relative Stability Advancement of Power System on Account of Fuzzy Based PSS Over Conventional & PID Based PSS, Under Small Oscillation
pp. 313-320
Authors: Vineet Kumar and Vijay Kumar Garg

Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor Using Intelligent Controllers and Minimization of Torque Ripples
pp. 321-326
Authors: Vishal Srivastava, Ashish Chourasia and Shaba Anjum











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