International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)


Vol.7 No.8 (2014)




H-Infinity Controller Design for a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
pp. 767-772
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Mishra, Vijander Singh and Asha Rani

Comparative Analysis of Anonymization Techniques
pp. 773-778
Authors: Dilpreet Kaur Arora, Divya Bansal and Sanjeev Sofat

Low-Computational Complexity Detection and BER Bit Error Rate Minimization for Large Wireless MIMO Receiver Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 779-785
Authors: G. Ranjitham and K. R. Shakar Kumar

Harmonic Mitigation Using Inverter Based Hybrid Shunt Active Power Filter
pp. 787-798
Authors: Ankita Sharma and A.K.Upadhyay

Comparison of Nature Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
pp. 799-802
Authors: Kanika Malik and Akash Tayal 

Power Flow Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System with DCDC Converter and Voltage Source Inverter
pp. 803-814
Authors: Manish Kumar Yadav and Amrish Kumar Upadhayay

Power Flow Control in Variable speed Wind Energy Conversion System Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
pp. 815-826
Authors: NameyAli, Prof. Aziz Ahmad, Alok Agarwal

Performance Evaluation of Mho and Quadrilateral Characteristic Relays on UPFC Incorporated Transmission Line
pp. 827-835
Authors: Nidhi Chauhan, M. Tripathy and R. P. Maheshwari

Enhancing Cloud Security By: Gotcha (Generating Panoptic Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Human Aparts)
pp. 837-841
Authors: Pawan Gupta and Mohd. Suhail Ansari

Flexible AC Transmission System Controllers: A State of Art
pp. 843-850
Authors: Ravi Pratap Singh, S. K. Bharadwaj and R. K. Singh

Statistical Analysis of Voltage and Current Fluctuations in a Transmission Line with Distributed Parameters Varying Randomly with Space and Time
pp. 851-855
Authors: Rohit Kumar Singh, Harish Parthasarathy, Dharmendra Upadhyay

Design and Analysis of Wireless System for Detecting Vibrations from a Distance
pp. 857-866
Authors: Shruti V. Kohale and P. S. Choudhari

Applications of Multilevel Inverter in Grid Connected PMSG Based Wind Power Generation System
pp. 867-872
Authors: Lokesh Kumar and Md Abul Hasnat

Empirical Mode Decomposition: Theory & Applications
pp. 873-878
Authors: Sonam Maheshwari and Ankur Kumar

Efficient and Low Cost Flow Measurement Using Bend Sensor Flowmeter
pp. 879-885
Authors: Susobhit Sen , Anjan Kumar, C R Shrinivasan and Chenchu Saibabu

Implementation of Pseudo-Noise Sequence Generator on FPGA Using Verilog
pp. 887-892
Authors: Sweta Malviya and Poonam Kumari










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