International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)

Volume 8, Number 1 (2015)





Design of Controllers in Parametric Based Method for STATCOM Application for Reactive Power Compensation in Linear loads
pp. 1-12

Authors: P.K.Behera, .R.K.Mishra, M.Pattanaik, S.S.Sahoo, P.Prathal,S.B.Nada and J.K. Moharana


Fuel Cell Based Grid Connected Boost Inverter System

pp. 13-25

Authors: N.Venkateswarlu, Dr. L.V.Narasimharao P.Ankineedu Prasad, V.Ramesh


Development of an FPGA based high speed single precision floating point multiplier

pp. 27-32

Authors: Sneha S.jumle and M. V. Vyawhare


Image Denoising Using Bayes Shrink Method Based On Wavelet Transform

pp. 33-40

Authors:  Payal Gupta and Amit Garg


Power Quality Improvement In Grid Connected Wind Energy System

pp. 47-55

Authors:  Mr.Ramesh Daravath and E.Deepika


Designing Passive Filter Using Butterworth Filter Technique

pp. 57-65

Authors:  Zubair S. Nadaph, and Vijay Mohale


Dual Mode Low Power Smart Charger For Rural Areas
pp. 67-70
Nayan K Tiwari


Intelligent Plant Irrigation System For Fire And Intruder Detection

pp. 71-75

Mr. Yogesh N, Supriya C, Supreetha O Naik, Vasuda S Tikare, Vinay V


Thermoelectric Cooler based on AGNR/Bi2Te3 and Control using Lab-VIEW

pp. 77-90

Manoj Kumar Sonker