International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 4, Number 5 (2011)  




PSIM and MATLAB based Simulation of PV Array for Enhance the Performance by using MPPT Algorithm
pp. 511-520
Authors: Ashish Kumar Singhal and Rakesh Narvey

Implementation of Microcontroller based Driver Circuit for Plasma Display Panel.
Authors: P. Saravanan and P.A. Balakrishnan

Software Implementation of Duval Triangle Technique for DGA in Power Transformers
pp. 529-540
Authors: Sukhbir Singh, Dheeraj Joshi and M.N. Bandyopadhyay

Design an Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Sag Compensation using Z-Source Inverter 
Authors: C. Gopinath, P. Siva peruma, R. Ramesh and A. Peer Fathima

Multiobjective Generation Dispatch using Big-Bang and Big-Crunch (BB-BC) Optimization
Authors: C.V. Gopala Krishna Rao and G. Yesuratnam

Determination of Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Supercapacitor and its Testing with Three Phase Inverter
Authors: Vanitha V., Ashok S., Anandanarayanan C., Balasubramanian G. and Gowrishankar G.

A Reduced Order Observer based CSI Fed AC Drives Using WAN
Authors: I. Gerald Christopher Raj, P. Renuga and Arul Prasanna Mark

Novel Soft Switching Inverter for Brushless DC Motor using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 601-616
Authors: N. Muruganantham and S. Palani

Role of Dynamic Voltage Restorer against Voltage Dip with Induction Motor as Load
pp. 617-624
Authors: Amandeep Bangar and Parag Nijhawan

Transmission Congestion Management in Restructured Power System by Generation Rescheduling and Load Shedding using Evolutionary Programming based OPF
pp. 625-634
Authors: Elango K. and S.R. Paranjothi

Determination of Magnetising Reactance and Frequency of Self-Excited Induction Generator using ANN Model
pp. 635-646
Authors: Raja Singh Khela and K.S. Sandhu




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