International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 13, Number 04 (2020)





Galerkin – Kantorovich Method for the Elastic Buckling Analysis of Thin Rectangular SCSC Plates
pp. 613-619
Michael Ebie Onyia, Eghosa. O. Rowland-Lato and Charles Chinwuba Ike

Palm Oil Bleaching Using Activated Carbon Prepared from Neem Leaves and Waste Tea
pp. 620-624
Furqan Butt, Murtuza Ali Syed, Feroz Shaik

A Proposed Methodology for Detecting Human Attacks on Text-based CAPTCHAs
pp. 625-630
Latifah A. Alreshoodi and Suliman A. Alsuhibany

Effect of Reinforcement Details on Precast Bridge Frames of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete to Load Capacity and Crack Patterns
pp. 631-636
Muhtar, Amri Gunasti, Adhitya Surya Manggala, Ardhi Fathonisyam Putra Nusant, Hanafi, Agung Nilogiri

Cyclic Performance of Restrained Steel-Concrete Fully Composite Beams Subjected to a Point Load
pp. 637-643
Sarawut Yodmunee, Torkul Kanchanalai and Trakool Aramraks

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Traffic Violation Data Analysis
pp. 644-652
Mohammed Alshriem

Porosity Measurement of Iron Oxide by Using Computer Vision System
pp. 653-659
A. A. Abo El-Nasr, A. Saleh and A. A. Alshennawy

Characteristics of Object-oriented Soft Concepts in a Soft Context
pp. 660-663
Won Keun Min

Ethno-Design as a Means of Forming Technological and Artistic Competences of Future Technology Teachers and Vocational Educators
pp. 664-667
Akimbek Mederhanovich Мuhadiev, Perizat Меiramovna Аitmukhanova, Baimurat Ermagambetovich Ospanov, Zinidin Nastajievich Isnyazov and Zhalgasbek Zhapparbekovich Beisenbekov

Cellular Automata Implemented on FPGA Based on Totalistic Rules for Deterministic Systems
pp. 668-674
Alexander Bautista-Torres, Edgar Alexander Bautista-Aleman and Helbert Eduardo Espitia-Cuchango

Surface and Intraparticle Diffusion of Crystal Violet Dye on Egyptian Doum Fruit from Aqueous Solutions
pp. 675-685
Ahmed A. Abdel- Khalek, Mahmoud M. Abdel- Hafeez, Reham A. Mohamed and Engy H.Gabrail

Image Denoising Methods for New TVL1 Models with Impulse Noisy
pp. 686-698
Jae Heon Yun

Determining the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Two-Phase Soil for Landslide Slopes of the Northern Tien Shan
pp. 699-705
Aigerim Baimakhan, Assima Seinassinova, Rysbek Baimakhan, Aiman Rysbayeva and Nazgul Moldakunova

Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation Methodology for Glaucoma Detection
pp. 706-714
Mohamed Aouf, Dalia Ali, Ghada Kareem

Multi-criteria Model with a Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis Process - FAHP, for the Selection of Providers in a Cellular Mobile Telecommunications Company in Colombia
pp. 715-719
Leydy J. Hernández Viveros, Jennifer C. Murcia Rodriguez and Danilo A. López Sarmiento

A Research on the Practice of Developing a Rural ‘Magnet’ School Model: Theoretical and Applied Aspects
pp. 720-724
B.A. Gazdiyeva, M.V. Tavluy, Z.Ye. Gabdullina, A.A. Akhmetzhanova, G.T. Fatkiyeva

Fuzzy Logic Based Life Cycle Cost Analysis Model for Preventive Road Maintenance by Considering User Costs
pp. 725-733
Dadang Iskandar, Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo, R. Jachrizal Sumabrata

A Study on the Acoustic Variation to Environment Changes in Virtual and Complex Reality
pp. 734-737
SeongGeon Bae

Design of a Motorcycle Frame at an Automotive Company in Indonesia
pp. 738-743
Djoko Setyanto, Arka Dwinanda Soewono, Andi Wibowo and Rugerri Toni Liong

Role of Integrating Business Intelligence Systems and Knowledge Management in Supporting Decision-Making Process in Saudi Electricity Company
pp. 744-755
Fudhah A.AlSelami, Ibrahiem M.ELEmary and Huda M.Alamoudi

Study on Reducing the Stress of Wearing a Mask through Deep Breathing
pp. 756-761
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Study on Improvement of Special Acoustic Lens Output through Frequency Trimming
pp. 762-767
Bong-Young Kim, Zhixing Tian and Myung-Jin Bae

Current Situation and Issues Regarding the Accessibility of Beijing Daxing International Airport -Beijing Daxing International Airport Opened in September 2019
pp. 768-782
Mizuno Tomomi & Tokuda Katsumi

Theoretical Model of Nanomaterial Heat Content (Energy) During Grain Refinement by Accumulative Roll-Bonding (ARB).
pp. 783-792
M. Pita, M.P. Mashinini, L.K. Tartibu

Novel Compounds for Increasing Women's Breast Size
pp. 793-796
Pyo Song, Seonlin Kim, Dong-Chan Kim

The Future of Engineering Education in South Africa
pp. 797-801
Dr Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Proposal for a Robotic Platform Design for the Control and Monitoring of Physicochemical Parameters in Contaminated Water
pp. 802-806
Jennifer Catalina Murcia, Leydy J. Hernández Viveros , Carlos Arturo Carrasco Henao and Danilo A. López Sarmiento

A Study on the Effect of Wearing Masks on Stress Response
pp. 807-813
Zhixing Tian, Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae

A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approach to Predict Flight Delay
pp. 814-822
Bashayer Alharbi and Master Prince

Modelling and Analysis of Mini-Fracture Tests in Hydraulic Fracturing
pp. 823-827
Quang Khanh Do, Huynh Nhan Vo and Thi Tam Thanh Nguyen