International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 14, Number 08 (2021)





Stochastic Volatility Estimation to Determine Price Process with Compensated Poisson Jumb Using Fourier Transformation
pp. 740-753
N.K Oladejo and S.K Gedze

Design of Suspension Components to Determine Reliability under Racing Conditions
pp. 754-760
Fabian Fuentes Martinez, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Design and Construction of an Industrial Blender
pp. 761-772
Jose Manuel Ramirez Quintero, Luz Karime Hernández Gegén and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Classification of Healthy Persons and Persons with Ulnar Syndrome by Means of Electromyographic Signals Feeding an Artificial Neural Network
pp. 773-781
Diego Alejandro Barragán Vargas, Roberto Ferro Escobar and Jorge Enrique Salamanca Céspedes

Unsteady MHD Flow and Heat Transfer Through Porous Medium Between Parallel Plates with Periodic Magnetic Field and Constant Pressure Gradient
pp. 782-787
Mustafa Rashied Abdullah and Saleh A. Khawatreh

Pattern System Design and Analysis for HBR Based GSM Network
pp. 788-793
Mohammed F. Alsharekh, Anwar H. Ibrahim, Abdulrahman S. Alturki and Mohammad S. Almanee

Relationship of the PDCA cycle in occupational health and safety management
pp. 794-800
Diana Marcela Vera Méndez, Raquel Irene Laguado Ramírez and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

Characteristics of Human Talent as a Competitive Advantage in Organizations
pp. 801-808
Raquel Irene Laguado Ramirez, Juan José Parra Serpa and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano


Identification of Functional Model for Piezoelectric Based on Radial Basis Function Network
pp. 809-815
César A. Hernandez S., Diego A. Giral R. and Fredy H. Martínez S

Optimum Location and Sizing of FACTS Devices Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 816-821
Adnan A.Alassmi and Muhyaddin J. Rawa

pp. 822-828
Jhonatan E. Martínez, Jhon J. Abreo and Cesar Hernández

A Scheme Based on Convolutional Networks for the Estimation of Emotional States in Service Robots from Body Postures
pp. 829-834
Fernando Martínez Santa, Holman Montiel Ariza and Fredy H. Martínez S.

Opportunities and Barriers of Implementing Quality 4.0 in Higher Education Institutions
pp. 835-840
Haitham Bahitham, Bandar Alzahrani and Ahmad Elshennawy

Experience in programming fundamentals through gamification
pp. 841-847
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

Forecasting the Cost Contingency in Construction Projects Using Risk Management Technique
pp. 848-852
Mohammed Alhazmi, Mostafa Qotb and Ibrahim Abdalrashid

Physical Activity Facilities as a Public Health Policy. Methodological Proposal for a Spatial Gyms Location
pp. 853-865
Diego A. ESCOBAR, Santiago CARDONA and Carlos A. MONCADA