International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)

Volume 6, Number 1 (2014) 





Analysis of Peristaltic Flow in a Tube: Rabinowitsch Fluid Model
pp. 1-8
Authors: B.K. Singh and Dr. U.P. Singh


Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Threedimensional Flow at Expiration in the Upper Human Airways
pp. 9-28
Authors: Franka Schröder, Andreas Lintermann, Michael Klaas, and Wolfgang Schröder

Study of Flow over Car by Changing Different Parameters using Open Foam
pp. 29-38
Authors: L.D. Jathar and S.L. Borse

Chemical Reaction on a Transient MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Vertical Plate with Ramped Temperature and Concentration with Viscous Dissipation
pp. 39-51
Author: G.C.Hazarika

Study of Air Flow through a Open Windows Bus Using OpenFOAM
pp. 53-64
Authors: K.C. Nikam and S.L. Borse

Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Mhd Flow Over a Stretching Surface with Power Low Velocity
pp. 65-71
Authors: G.C. Hazarika and Bandita Phukan

Effects of Radiation on Flow Past an Impulsively Started Infinite Vertical Plate with Uniform Heat and Mass Flux
pp. 73-85
Author: P. Chandrakala