International Journal of Electrical Engineering (IJEE)

Volume 7, Number 3, (2014)





Simulation of Five-Level Inverter with Sinusoidal PWM Carrier Technique Using MATLAB/Simulink
pp. 367-376
Authors:Mr.  Punit Ratnani, Miss. Samruddhi S. Shaha and Dr. Archana G. Thosar


Total Harmonic Distortion, Distortion Factor & Crest Factor in Sven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for Different PWM Control Strategies: A Comparative Study
pp. 377-389
G Durga Prasad, Dr. V Jegathesan , Dr. P V V Rama Rao

Autonomous Troubleshooting Scheme for Power Quality Monitoring in Distribution Systems

pp. 391-398
B. Prudhvi Anand

FPGA Implementation of PV based Quasi Z-Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
pp. 399-411
D. Umarani and Dr. R. Seyezhai

Modeling and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using MATLAB
pp. 413-423
Ram N. Hajare and Archana G. Thosar


Order Reduction of MIMO systems using Firefly Algorithm

pp. 425-438

Tejaswini Marella, N.Vijaya Anand , Dr.M.SivaKumar


Contemporary Solution Towards Stabilization Of Grid Frequency Using Dynamic Demand Controller Integrated With Solar For Residential Loads - A Case Study In Chennai City

pp. 439-460

G.R.Venkatakrishnan, Avinash C Ramananthan,  R. Bamini, M. Iswariya,


Design of Controllers in Frequency Response Method for STATCOM Application for Reactive Power Compensation in Linear loads

pp. 461-473

D.Mishra, M.Jena, A.D.Jyoti, A.Dey, B.Satapathy, B.P.Sahoo and J.K.Moharana


MPPT with Z Impedance Booster

pp. 475-483

Govind A. Mallurwar, Vijay S. Badgujar, Raosaheb D. Thombare,Dr. Dagdu S. More


Quasi-Z and Extended Quasi-Z DC-DC Booster for PV Applications

pp. 485-492

Nachiketa B. Deshmukh; Raosaheb D. Thombare; Dagadu S. More



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