International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 14, Number 06 (2021)





Blockchain in the New Era of Smart Contracts
pp. 496-501
Norberto Novoa Torres, Stiven Andrés Delgado Artehaga and Sergio Andrés Guerrero Cepeda

Stability Analysis of the Lorenz System using Hurwitz Polynomials
pp. 502-509
Fabián Toledo Sánchez, Pedro Pablo Cárdenas Alzate and José Rodrigo González Granada

Approaches to Deep Learning-Based Apple Classification Scheme Selection
pp. 510-515
Edison N. Zuñiga, Sebastian Gordillo and Fredy H. Martínez S.

Behavior of Three Convolutional Architectures Against Automatic Categorization of the Watermelon Fruit
pp. 516-522
Heidy M. Rodriguez C., Carolina Mendivelso N. and Fredy H. Martínez S.

Software-based Simulation of the Injection Molding Process Using Finite Parameters
pp. 523-529
Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon, Florez Serrano, Elkin Gregorio and Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Construction of a client-server scenario for the simulation of interactive video streaming services
pp. 530-536
Wilmar Yesid Campo_Muñoz, Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino and Isabel Cristina Baos Prado

Metal Type SCR catalyst with excellent de-NOx efficency at low temperature and sulfur resistance from coal combustion exhaust gas
pp. 537-542
Woo-Jin Na, Hea-Kyung Park

Proposal for an IoT System for the Monitoring and Analysis of Ultraviolet Radiation
pp. 543-548
Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino, Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz and YennyMagalyCastrillón Bolaños

Organization and Digital Transformation for the Location of Academic Records
pp. 549-554
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Luz karime Hernandez Gegen

Cost management in industrial operations
pp. 555-561
Andrés Fabián Jaimes Cuadros, Raquel Irene Laguado Ramírez and Elkin Gregorio Florez Serrano

Delay and Throughput Analysis on a Cable Network for Video Streaming Services
pp. 562-568
Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz, Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino and Juan Camilo Caviedes Valencia

Ranking Renewable Energy Sources in Saudi Arabia
pp. 569-581
Murad Andejany

Design of Virtual Modules for the Development of Flipped Classroom in Programming
pp. 582-587
Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon, Albert Miyer Suarez Castrillon and Luz Karime Hernandez Gegen

Implementing Network Security in Wireless Sensor Network with Honeypot System
pp. 588-592
Dinesh Kumar Gupta and Dr. Deepika Pathak