International Journal of Information Sciences and Application (IJISA)


Volume 3, Number 2 (2011)




Application of Data Mining in Manufacturing Industry
Authors: V.K. Jha and R.K. Singh


Web Mining: A Solution to Web Searching Inefficiencies
Authors: Nnebedum V. I.


DTMF Generation and Detection
Authors:Karna Shah, Nishit Shah, Siddhesh Supekar and K.T. Talele


Reliability Analysis of Fault Tolerant Irregular Triangle Multistage Interconnection Network
Authors: Amardeep Gupta and P.K. Bansal


Pattern Similarity of Medical Images for Texture Based Data Base Retrieval and Data Mining
pp. 107-118
Authors: P.K. Kumaresan, R.M. Suresh, R. Sivasubramaniam and A. Nagappan

Improved Search Quality Using Rank Aggregation
pp. 119-125
Authors: N. Sathish Kumar, G. Sampath Kumar, N. Srinivas Rao and N. Satyanarayana

An Appropriate Method for Real Life Fuzzy Transportation Problems
pp. 127-134
Authors: P. Pandian and G. Natarajan

Sequential Minimal Optimization Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval
pp. 93-97
Authors: V. Duraisamy and Ramesh Babu Durai C

A Comparative Study of Different Techniques for PMedian Problem: A review
pp. 99-105
Authors: Satish Kumar, Kanwal Garg and Rattan Rana




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