International Journal of Materials Physics (IJMP)

Volume 5, Number 1 (2014) 





Sound Absorbing Properties of Some Auto Text Materials

pp. 1-4

Authors: Rakesh Sharma, M.S. Parmar and Nidhi Sisodia


Studies of Structural and Optical Properties of Zinc Sulphide Thin Films
pp. 5-14
Authors: Dr.V Geetha and Vidya Rajan.N.


Dimension Effect on Dynamic Stress Equilibrium in SHPB Tests
pp. 15-26
Author: Noori S. Al-Maliky


An Unsteady MHD Flow Past a Porous Medium with Oscillatory Suction Velocity and Newtonian Heating
pp. 27-34
Authors: Ngiangia, A.T. and Orukari M.A.


Annealing effects on crystallite size and band gap of CuO nanoparticles

pp. 35-42

Authors: Jiji Koshy1 and K.C. George


Optical properties of InxGa1-xAs quantum Wells Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxial Technique

pp. 43-47

Authors: Laxman Survase, Dr. Sen Mathew, Mahesh Gokhale and Dr. Manohar Nyayate


Relaxation Time of Molecules of Amino Acids Using the Modulated Technique

pp. 49-51

Author: Sami M. Ali









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