Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics (JAMFM)

Volume 5, Number 1-2, (2013)





Optimizing Advertising, Pricing and Inventory Policies in VMI Production Supply Chains with Compensating Cost in Fuzzy Environment

pp. 1-21

Authors: A. Nagoor Gani and G. Sabarinathan


Effects of Heat Generation, Thermal Diffusion, Magnetic Field and Chemical Reaction on Demixing of a Binary Fluid Mixture

pp. 23-31

Authors: B.R. Sharma and Kabita Nath


Influence of Magnetic Field on Fully Developed Free Convective Flow of a Williamson Fluid through a Porous Medium in a Vertical Channel
pp. 33-44
Authors: S. Subramanyam, M. V. Subba Reddy and B. Jayarami Reddy


On the Principle of Exchange of Stabilities in Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Porous Medium with Variable Gravity by Positive Operator Method

pp. 45-51

Authors: Dr. Pushap Lata Sharma



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