Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences :Theory and Practical (GJMS)

Volume 9, Number 2, (2017)




A note on frames for operators in Banach spaces

pp. 89–101

Mayur Puri Goswami and H. K. Pathak


δωα-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

pp. 103-116

S.Chandrasekar, T. Rajesh Kannan and M.Suresh


Pairwise Fuzzy Globally Disconnected Spaces and Pairwise Fuzzy σ - Baire Spaces

pp. 117-125

G.Thangaraj and A.Vinothkumar


Note on a Family of Integers of the form Np(6)=P6+6p

pp. 127-131

Rajiv Kumar and Satish Kumar


Hamilton’s Canonical Equations for a Classical System with Velocity Dependent Potential Energy- a Mathematical Study

pp. 133-138

Chinmoy Taraphdar


Regular and Irreguar m-polar Fuzzy Graphs

pp. 139-152

K. Kalaiarasi and L. Mahalakshmi


The Bi-Level Control Policy for MXi(m,N)/M/1/BD/SV Queueing System Under Restrictive Admissibility

pp. 153-168

M.I. Afthab Begum and S.Yasotha


Effect of Radiation on MHD Three-Dimensional Free-Convection Flow through A Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction

pp. 169-188



Picture Generation of Rectangular Blocks using Tetrahedra

pp. 189-203

A. Dharani, R. Stella Maragatham and Rani Siromoney


Usage of Balance Scorecard in Information Technology Industry

pp. 205-224

Abhay Juvekar and Dr. Uma Shankar Pandey